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Spiegel online: "Bedrohliches Manöver vor der südamerikanischen Küste: Ein Patrouillenboot der venezolanischen Marine soll das deutsche Kreuzfahrtschiff "Resolute" beschossen und offenbar gezielt gerammt haben. Das venezolanische Boot sei daraufhin jedoch gesunken, teilte die in Hamburg ansässige Betreibergesellschaft des Kreuzfahrtschiffes, Columbia Cruise Services, mit."

This somehow reminds me of

Either the glass was made in China, or the fly was made in Germany.


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Venezuela navy vessel sinks after 'ramming cruise ship'


A Venezuelan navy coastal patrol boat sank in the Caribbean after allegedly ramming a cruise ship that it had ordered to change direction.

The owners of the Portuguese-flagged RCGS Resolute said the naval vessel Naiguata also fired shots in an "act of aggression in international waters”.

The collision left the cruise ship, which has a reinforced hull for sailing in icy waters, with only minor damage.

Venezuela accused the Resolute of an act of "aggression and piracy".

It also said it "did not rule out" that the cruise ship "was transporting mercenaries to attack military bases in Venezuela".



"While the master was in contact with the head office, gunshots were fired and, shortly thereafter, the navy vessel approached the starboard side at speed... and purposely collided with the RCGS Resolute," it added.

"The navy vessel continued to ram the starboard bow in an apparent attempt to turn the ship’s head towards Venezuelan territorial waters."

Although the Resolute - a purpose-built polar expedition vessel - suffered minor damage, the patrol boat began taking on water after hitting its bulbous bow, according to the statement.



Stability and Strength

RCGS Resolute, our flagship vessel was purpose built (in Finland) for polar expedition cruising with the highest ice class (Lloyds 1AS).  Equipped with propellers of stainless steel, high density steel plating and small frame spacing on her hull, RCGS Resolute continues into the ice, when others simply cannot.  OOE’s fleet of ships are the most stable and carry an exceptional ice class made specially to navigate polar waters. This stability and strength are features greatly appreciated in ice laden large waters.  Unmatched stability, coupled with superior speed allows for more time at your destination and more flexibility with itinerary planning – a critical factor in polar waters where ice and weather conditions sometimes dictate daily plans.


Don't underestimate your enemy!



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