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42 minutes ago, Alexnf said:

As native Greek speaker I am often asked about the use of the word "malakas".

Literally translated it means "wanker", often it is used like "a**hole", among friends it is usually used like the german "alter" , and there are many other uses as well.

Nothing (NOTHING) though describes better the most common use than this picture :D :





Excellent! I have now decided to call my dog Max malakas next time he jumps onto me when I am lying on the sofa! He always jumps onto my you-know-what!



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Somewhere in the 90s there was a pizza commercial that started off "Huhn auf Pizza?" My children and I have been searching for the ad for a while now, and every so often find little gems like the following. Which has nothing to do with pizza.

My thanks to the favourite Sohn.




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