What made you laugh today?

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Wedding Dress Guy divorced dude sells ex-wife's wedding gown on Ebay to highest bidder and poses in gown for ad. His posts for his ad are hilarious.



This one guy emailed me and said, "Hey, bud. What part of Texas do you live?"

Uh... Well, sir, I am from Seattle. Uh, Seattle, Texas.

Right next to AreYouAFreakingMoron, Texas, which is a hop, skip and jump from IWasEducatedByGeorgeBush, Texas. Thanks for asking, neighbor.




On the flip side of that, I have taken offense to some of the people that told me I'm ugly and a loser. All I have to say is you'd be ugly too if you had a huge white blotch on your face. And as far as being a loser, I think you have it all wrong. I am such the winner. It isn't every day an average guy can make 50,000 people laugh. Thanks to each and every one of you from the heart of my bottom.



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