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Dear Customer,


Greetings from Amazon.co.uk.


We are writing to confirm that we are processing your refund in the amount of £0.01 for your Order 205-8790302-4353924.


This amount has been credited to your payment method and will appear when your bank has processed it.


Reason for refund: Pre-order price protection


The following is the breakdown of your refund for this item:


Item Refund: £0.01


Checked my a/c balance yesterday - the £0.01 was added to my balance as €0.01, then I was charged €0.01 for the currency exchange :rolleyes:


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Not knowing what SBB stands for, I checked various acronym sites:


Soggy Bottom Boys

Serbia Broadband

Stochastic Bounded Burstiness (no idea what this is, but sounds like something good to have for the holidays)

Structured Building Block

Small Business Bookkeeping (mostly red after buying presents)

Synthetic Battle Bridge (where they fake the fight across the river ... I guess to get good sales)


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Just heard that the temperature is heading down to -10 this week.

Reminded me of this:




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