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Donald Trump completely butchered the pronunciation of his social media app at a rally in Delaware on Saturday, 23 April.

Trump launched the app, ironically named 'Truth Social', back in February, and the social media site, which looks eerily similar to Twitter, hasn't been doing well in recent weeks.

Now, it seems that even Trump is finding it hard to promote the site, as he's seemingly unable to properly pronounce its name.

Speaking in front of a crowd in Delaware, surrounded by 'Save America' signs, the former president said: "I had to give the American people their voice back by building something."

Nope, Trump wasn't talking about his infamous wall, he was talking about Truth Social – however, he couldn't quite seem to get the words out.

Another added: "trump forgot the name of his own social media platform in Ohio this weekend he bungled the name of Truth Social, calling it "Truth Central" instead. He also messed up the pronunciation of "drop box" too, calling them "drok boxes."


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The story is real, there is an investigation into a Tory MP watching porn on his phone inside the commons during a debate.

The headline is a bit cheeky because mass debate sounds a bit like masturbate.




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