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I've just read a story about the late, great comedian Tommy Cooper meeting the Queen.

He asked her: " do you like football?"

Queen: " not particularly."

Tommy: " in that case, can I have your FA Cup Final tickets then?"




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New outsourcing deal means UK state pension must be claimed in Senegal


The government has outsourced state pension management and provision to a company in Senegal.

“As part of our continuing effort to reduce costs, and do far less work, we are proud to announce that the UK state pension will now be managed by UK Pensions Go, a new Senegalese financial management company,” explained Home Secretary Priti Patel, as she feasted on the heart of a virgin.

She went on, “Other than the 3000-mile round trip to collect your pension, everything else will be quite familiar.
Except, of course, that your pension will now be paid in CFA francs, so you may want to get that changed into pounds at the first opportunity.

“Oh, and it will probably help if you learnt to speak French as that is the first language of Senegal.”



More silly stuff


But not really sillier than moving the immigration dept to Rwanda..  :ph34r:


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