Where can I get my fingerprints taken in Germany?

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2 hours ago, kaffeemitmilch said:

Interesting. Can one not just get some ink and card stock and do it at home?


If the objective is merely to get ones fingertips stained then sure.


OTOH if one needed to provide their fingerprints to a government entity then it's usually a prerequisite that the form bearing them is issued by a trusted authority in the country of residence.


How else do you imagine any overseas government entity could be confident that the prints supplied had been verified to be those of the person in question?


Although I would've thought you knew that, the lack of any clue suggesting your question was intended to be taken as a joke and the possibility that some future reader may be misled by the question prompted this response.




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My husband and I have been trying to get fingerprints done in Frankfurt for the past 2 months... :wacko: But I am writing this because we FINALLY have found success!


We went to the police headquarters 4 times (twice with an appointment - 06975545351), and ultimately their stance on this issue is that the ONLY way that they will do it, is if you bring your own cards AND you have an official letter from the US Consulate.  *Note - they are not thrilled about doing ink fingerprints, and would prefer to do LiveScan... however the Consulate informed me that there is absolutely no way to connect LiveScan data from Germany with the FBI or other American databases.  (We learned this the hard way, as they DID do LiveScan with us one of the times, but then there was no reference code that they could give us for the FBI.)


I called the Frankfurt US Consulate (06975350) several times, and at first they said that they do NOT give letters for fingerprinting anymore... and we must contact the local Ordnungsamt for fingerprinting services.  Then when I contacted the Frankfurt Ordnungsamt, they asked around there and even called the Burgeramt to see if anything could be done over there... and ultimately said that ALL fingerprinting must be done at the police headquarters.  (I'm sure you see the cyclical problem here.)


SO I contacted the Consulate AGAIN and told them of all these problems.  To their credit, they were very glad that I called back, as they said that people never get back to them and therefore they assume that we've just had no problems with the information previously given.  They said that normally a small, local Ordnungsamt would also do fingerprinting rather than delegating it to the police station... however this is apparently not the case in big cities like Frankfurt/Berlin/Munich.  I was sent back to the main switchboard, with instructions to request "Special Consular Services."  This office said that they WILL write a letter for fingerprinting at the police station...only if the purpose is for an FBI background check.  YAY!  I had to send an email to germanyacs@state.gov, give our full names, dates of birth, and current address in Germany.  They also instructed me to specify what I need the letter for, and to let them know if I also need FBI fingerprinting cards (although they prefer if you get the cards sent to you by the organization that is requesting fingerprints).  I quickly received a confirmation email that a letter and cards will be forthcoming to our mail.  


Whew.  At this point I am going to assume/hope that the letter/cards will arrive, I will make another appointment at police headquarters, and fingerprinting will be no problem at all.  If there are further issues with this process, I will make sure to come back and add another post to this thread.


Good luck to others!


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