Mosquito season is back

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Mosquitos haven't bothered me much this year, unlike previous years. Haven't been bothered much by wasps outside on the patio either, this year so far. They're normally a pest this time of year, when you're enjoying a meal outside.

Single household here and on the topic of bio bins - I've got one outside for the garden rubbish (collected every 2 weeks). I don't need one for the kitchen because I buy frozen vegetables, so don't have any kitchen bio rubbish, except tea bags. Everything else left over from cooking is saved for the next day. I don't mind eating the same stuff twice over. I don't eat meat, only fish, which is also bought frozen, so no refuse there either. So I practically never throw any food away.The rest of the rubbish is separated into the yellow bin and the Restmüll bin. Paper and cardboard I take to the appropriate container, as well as empty bottles and jars. These containers are nearby, and I have no car, so conveniently reached on foot.

Since my last cat died recently I have no more cat litter to get rid of, so I have a lot more space now in my Restmülltonne. Still miss her though.


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