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Boccia, Boule, Pétanque League

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After three years of watching other people play boccia, I finally got myself a set and now I am addicted.


Unfortunately, my boccia-playing career happens to be kicking off at the same time as the rainy season. For me, this is not a problem, as I own a winter coat and am a warm-blooded mammal, but there seem to be many people out there who object to standing around outdoors in the cold and damp, even if the purpose is playing a kickass game like boule.


Who wants to meet up for a few games of boule, possibly a beer or two, and NOT stay indoors all winter? Just because it's cold out doesn't mean we have to do nothing but sit in bars, cafes and movie theaters. Let's stay active!


Activities that are lame in winter include:






Activities that are good in any weather include:






I live in Kreuzkölln, so the place I like to play is on the Landwehrkanal, between Forster- and Liegnitzerstraßes. Closest U-bahnhöfe are Schönleinstr and Görlitzer Bahnhof. We could also meet anywhere in Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Neukölln, Prenzlauer Berg or Mitte.


It would be cool if people brought their own sets, but I do have a set, so if anyone is interested in learning how to play but doesn't have their own gear, we can also meet up for a one-on-one.


Hopefully we can get a TT Berlin boule chapter started! :)



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