Were you bullied in school?

Were you bullied in school?   156 votes

  1. 1. Were you bullied in school?

    • I was bullied, but I don't think there was any lasting damage done.
    • I was bullied and I suffered years later because of it.
    • I bullied people and was the ring leader.
    • I bullied people but was just a member of the pack.
    • I was schooled at home and the other options don't apply to me.
    • I was neither bullied nor the bully at school

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Fight back--If you lose, you lose...but I guarantee most of them won't bother you anymore when they see it's too much trouble.

Only Two times in my life I picked a fight and both were with bullies. Both times I lost but bullies never bothered again.


Simple, right? No, it's fucking not. I hate fighting and giving pain to people and it was extremely difficult decision for me. Only after long suffering I decided to pick a fight.


And this has nothing to do with how strong you are, bullies select people for whom fighting is like eating pork for vegan. I've seen a video of some asshole trying to pick a fight with Vitali Klitschko and he didn't know what to do. You think that world boxing champion will beat shit out of you? No, he seems to be that kind of man who don't fight (if it's not sports) and that adult asshole bully knew about it.


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I was picked on at school (maybe it was bullying - I don't know). But I never knew how to defend myself. I never told my parents because they either wouldn't have known how to help me or they would have told me "Sticks and stone wull break my bones but words can never hurt me." A lie if ever I heard one. Also, my brothers and I were brought up not to hit people. Big mistake.


You just told my whole story right here in this one single paragraph.



Some of them go through life thinking they can do this shit to anyone they like and get away with it. They need to learn that this is not on - if necessary, the hard way.


For what it's worth...some times they do end up learning the hard way. Case examples: I looked up one of the guys who relentlessly tormented me throughout that year. At 14 years old, he stood 6 foot 5 and had to have weighed well over 220 lbs compared to my 6 foot 2, 140-something pound frame.


I decided to randomly look up his Facebook profile one day and see what he was up to. I was quite shocked to see his profile picture of him...in a wheelchair. All of his wall posts were to the tune of "Praise be to Allah," "Peace be to you, my brother," or "Praise be to Allah for blessing me with another day to smell the roses and savor the sunshine" and endless amounts of Quran quotes. Any post that someone else had made to him was answered with "Thank you, my brother/sister. Allah be with you!" After doing some googling around, I found an extensive blog he kept about his life journey and struggles, and learned that someone had shot him 6 times about 10 years ago. Go fucking figure.


Another previous bully I looked up had made a post about him being beaten up in a subway and robbed by two other guys.


As far as Mr. Wheels goes, in no way, shape, or form do I condone gun violence, but it's an interesting lesson to learn: No matter how big or tough you are, there is always someone a lot badder and nastier that you're going to end up stepping across who will put you in your place and having you blessing every day that you are alive. It's just a matter of time.


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I was a bit of both, although at the time I would never have thought of myself as the bully.


As the victim, I was an easy target - I was there for the wanna-be-bullies to start out on, and there for the really nasty lads too add to the collection of lives they made miserable. When it comes to fight or flight, I'm definitely more geared towards the latter - I become almost incapable of even making a fist, but I fought back a couple of times, and things definitely improved. After I managed to land a punch on one of those people that everyone was scared of he ran off to tell the teachers I'd attacked him. Of course everyone knew I was acting in self-defence and a teacher even told my parents it was about time someone hit that guy back.


As a bully I was a crowd follower. It was psychological rather than physical, which may or may not be worse. My friends would tease somebody about something, and I'd join in. Even though I'd been on the receiving end of that sort of thing, at the time it never occurred to me that what I was doing was hurtful too. I think that as I gained more confidence myself, particularly after the incident described above, I stopped joining in with that sort of thing. I think that says something about at least one type of bully.


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I was 4'11" as a Junior in High School. Doc said I was having a "bell curve" growth issue and that I would sprout up almost all at once. So until I did I got my ass kicked daily on my walk home from school. I tried taking different routes, leaving at different times, etc. Still got the ass waxed regularly.


Couple years later after graduation I sprouted up to 5'9" and 160 pounds. This made me comparable to the bullies that whipped my ass regularly. So, I started perusing through the yearbook and made it a point to find all of them, return the favor and "X" their pictures from the yearbook. I still have three more to go. DO YOU HEAR ME MARK, JOHN, and BOBBY? I'm coming for you. :P


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