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11 minutes ago, SpiderPig said:

Ok.. so this is the closest topic that I can find...


I purchased some wooden stairs for a fair price on Ebay...   cheap.. but fair...


I sent message to the seller asking about dimensions and the replied..    


So, I bid and won...   that was on Wednesday.. 


Since then, I havenet heard from the seller..  Have contacted ebay who gave me the registered address of the seller..


So, I have 2 questions... Although my spoken German is pretty darned good.. I dont read it too well.. could one of you lovelies find me the part in ebay T+Cs that says one the auction is won, the sale is legally binding...


2 Is there anyone in the mannheim/Heidelberg area who would be willing to pop down to the address I have been given and ring on a doorbell or atleast see if the name is on a letter box.. ?


Love you all to bits!!   B)  



Seems like it's binding, yes




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8 minutes ago, camlough said:

Seems like it's binding, yes

Well, that defines what the buyer has to do...


@Spiderpig probably wanted to know what the seller has to do when the final offer is too low...


Am I tied to my bid, even if the highest bid is much too low?




If a purchase contract is concluded via the eBay marketplace, you are basically obliged to hand over the purchased item to the buyer in accordance with § 433 Para. 1 of the German Civil Code (BGB).

This also applies if you are not satisfied with the highest bid or if you regret the sale of the item in the meantime.


You can find further information on the conclusion of a contract on eBay here.



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I printed out the T+Cs/legal beagle shite... 


Wrote a letter on my company letter headed paper..  Yesterday... ( ebay gave me his address, but wouldnt give me a contact number..)


This morning I got a call from him... made arrangemets to go and collect...


Arrived... we spent 5 minutes trying to figure out how much to cjhop off the stairs as they were too long... his young son came out and asked if my daughter would like to play Uno with him!     The two of then oplayed uno for half an hour... 


I asked the guy why hadnt he replied to messages etc and he said, I didnt know what to do... So I grabbed my laptop, logged into my ebay account and showed him!  


We thanked eachother, Lilly got in the car and we left... 


Strange how things worked out... He was a really nice Turkish guy who has been here for 50yrs... Speaks perfect German but struggles to read and write it... 



Once again... Thanks for the pointers...











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