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Me and my wife are Indian citizens , staying in Germany since 10 months for a project work. On May we gave birth to a child. We have got his original birth certificate now and have applied for his Indian passport in Indian Embassy. A question is , Is it the good time to apply for the Kindergeld now? Just by posting the filled KG1 form and the original birth certificate?

Or anything else is required?

Any help is appreciated.




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No reason not to apply straightaway. Though if you do wait, IIRC you do get paid Kindergeld retroactively.


You need the Abstammungsurkunde (the German birth certificate naming you as the parents, though to be sure you should bring your whole Familienbuch), proof of residence (you can get this at the Bürgeramt in your area -- "Meldebescheinigung"), and a copy of your visa in your passport ("Aufenthaltstitel"), and you march up to the Familienkasse to register (click on the link for the address). You need to provide your bank account information (obviously) and ID. I'd do it in person just to be sure everything goes according to plan and that your original copy of the birth certificate doesn't get lost.


Edit: Ack, sorry, I didn't see you're in Braunschweig. The Familienkasse there is here (actually located in Helmstedt).


Good luck!






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