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1 hour ago, Mackle said:


I've been on a big BA 767 and only counted 5 other passengers... but I've also been on A319s that have been completely rammed.


I heard that one of the main reasons that BA uses a 767 on this route is because of the freight capacity.  That is why when it is so empty they don't cancel or down-gauge the plane, because they still make money from the freight.


In fact there has been discussion on what will happen after they retire the 767's, because the A321's don't have anywhere near the same freight capacity.

I also love flying on 767's for short haul routes, I think they are great.  But on long-haul routes they are not so nice as they are too old and noisy in side the cabin.


I once flew a 747-400 between Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok which had between 30-50 passengers on board.  Man did that think shoot down the runway and into the sky (being so light).


The lightest load I have ever had was 3 passenger, including me.  Once when I was flying out of London City there was some woman who was told she was the only passenger on board!



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It must have been like she had her own private jet @dj_jay_smith LOL!!


Especially those little Embaerers at city. 


And the light 747 takeoff sounds awesome! I don’t like takeoff on that model usually because of how it just trundles and ambles down the runway for what seems like ages. 


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