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Hello there,


Does anyone know of any catteries in the Lebenstedt - Salzgitter area? I need to go away for a few days and would love to find somewere to leave him. Are there companies that will come and live in the house at all? Or maybe people that pet sit from home even??? Somewere that would feel nice and loving... I have no idea where to even start looking for these sorts of things and speaking only little German makes it a bit hard to (only been here a couple of months).


Thanks for any help.


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hi clare,


maybe I am a little late to share my experiance?


I needed to find a new catsitter recently as I travel to the uk often. Although I need someone to even stay in my flat when I'm abroad, I found about seven really nice people to choose between.


This is what I did: I wrote a friendly and detailed description of the "job", featured my funny cat and my lofty flat a bit and included also who it would be suitable for.

I emailed it not only to everybody I know in my town, I put it also on this site:

The gigajob-site is for free and the jobs on offer here also turn up on the "meinestadt"-sites. These are somehow connected to the job-centres (or at least the arbeitsamt recommends looking for jobs on meine stadt I don't know).

Do ask for a copy of the Personalausweis in case you've chosen someone you are happy to give your keys and cat to. Expect to pay about 10 €/per day.


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