Unemployment benefits on quitting vs. being fired

By MsMD in Finance,
Hi, this may seem a little complicated (at least it is to me). I could use some pointers from anyone with recent experience with layoffs, unemployment and/or freelancing.   My employer is reorganizing and it is clear that, even if I am not fired (which is possible), my position there is going no further. Because of a move for my partner's job, my commute is soon to be almost 2 hrs each way. So this month, I pretty much have to decide whether to quit and move on, or stay at the job and try and work out a home-office situation. I've been talking to the Arbeitsamt, trying to sort it all out, which is hard as it isn't a straightforward quit/fire situation.   I've worked five years at this company. They need me, at least in the short term, for certain projects so I am in the position to negotiate somewhat. We've already talked openly about how working remotely might work. Because of office politics about home office, they've asked about contract work or freelancing. This is where I am getting confused about my options, which I see as:   Outright quitting = 3 month wait for benefits, then it's 60% of my salary for 12 months or until I find a new job   If they decide to let me go (for business reasons) = benefits start immediately, 60% salary (rest same as above)   If I switch to a contract = When it ends is this the same as quitting (3 month wait until benefits start) or is there more to consider?   If I work freelance, what do I need to watch out for? Could I be screwing myself out of benefits I don't know about? (Higher taxes, does this affect benefit calculation somehow...?)   Also, can anyone shed some light on the affect to healthcare costs?   Any pointers from those in the know would be appreciated! Thanks!
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