Language exchange meet up in the Kreuzberg area

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Hello everybody I've been thinking for a wile about starting another meet up on a Tuesday Night

but this meet up will be for English/German language sort of exchange focus

I don't mind organising the meet up as I know off a few bars around here who would be willing to host us all on a Tuesday night

so who's interested in come along and your thoughts on this please


It will be in the Kreuzberg area as I'm to lazy to travel far from my bed when I've had a few drinks :)


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Well, we do say anyone and everyone can come along on Tuesday nights as long as you're nice to everyone.

It starts from 8pm onwards until you choose to leave and go home.


But you just have to pass two of the tests that are written down here below:


1. Can you find the bar?

2. Can you speak German or English?


If you answers correctly to both the questions above then you are most welcome to come by on Tuesday nights.


The Travolta bar is at Wiener Straße 14b the corner of Lausitzer Straße opposite the Fire station near U-Bhf Görlitzer Bahnhof which is on the U1 and Kottbusser Tor on the U8 is a short 10 minute walk away and the Bus number N29 runs right past the door.


We will continue to meet here for the foreseeable future.


Now for those that don't know me yet or the group please go to the bar after 8pm and ask the bar staff where the English Stammtisch meet up people are sitting, and hopefully they will point you in the right direction.


We also advertise the meet up elsewhere to get a good mix of German and English speakers that attend and please do remember to get up and move around a little more as you will meet more people this way.


Any questions please feel free to ask.





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