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  1. Always wanted to learn an instrument but felt discouraged in the past? Feel drawn to stringed instruments but you are put off by the size of guitar? Someone gave you a ukulele and you are curious? Love to sing and want to find an easy charming way to accompany yourself?  Look no further! With 10 years of teaching experience with individual students as well as groups and 20 years of experience as a pro singer and musician I am happy to support and facilitate your learning to play the ukulele. Wether its just learning to strum a few songs you love or delving deeper into technique and learning to play melodies, chords and combinations and building up a repertoire, my lessons are tailored to your needs. Feel free to check out some of my music at Looking forward to hearing from you, Kat (
  2. Students are taught to avoid conflict but there is a way to use it to your advantage in stories and character building. Every story needs some conflict, right?  This workshop is focused on characters with conflict, how to play conflict with your scene partners and how to use conflict in character building. Students learn how to start scenes with conflict and how to avoid the tiresome arguments conflict often brings. Don't avoid conflict - make conflict a skill to use!   Date: 08.Sep.2018 to 09.Sep.2018 Time: 12pm to 4pm Location: Ratibor Theater, Cuvrystraße 20, 10997 Berlin