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  1. Workpermit issue

    Hello,   I have a Blue card and the employer dependent work permit from January 2018. I recently lost my job in September and have to change my visa status to Job-seeking. In October, I submitted my passport for the visa stamping and until now I haven't received it. I have a Blue card with me they just took my work permit. Meanwhile, I have an offer from a company and they want me to start from the second week of January. The 'Auslanderbehorde' had told me that if I get a new work contract they will provide me the new work permit. I have following questions,   1) Can they hold my passport for more than two months?   2) The amount of time they are taking for the Job seeking visa, I am afraid that I would not get the work permit in time. Due to Christmas and new year, it seems more difficult to me. Is there any way that this process can be done in less time or other document such as 'FIktionbescheinigung'?    Any tips and information would be appreciated. 
  2. Hello,    I am a Master graduate submitting my Master thesis by this month (December, 2018) but I have my thesis defense schedule on February, 2019 (last week) due to unavailability of my supervisor. Now I got a work contract starting from February 1, 2019. Is it possible to apply for work permit now? In this case I would have submitted my thesis but not defended it yet by the time I am applying for  work permit.