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  1. I graduate from my M.Sc. program here in Germany at the end of April (when I finish my thesis). I'm a non-EU citizen, from the US. I'm in talks with 2 companies about starting there in an intern/trainee capacity, which is then intended to transfer to full-time if the traineeship is "successful".   Each traineeship would be about 6 months, starting at the beginning of April. But here's the problem:   My current student visa is valid until September 19, 2019. However, I will be officially unenrolled from the university on April 30, when my thesis has been submitted. So, once I've been unenrolled and completed my degree, is my right to work under a student visa then invalidated? Will I need to switch to a job-seeking visa to continue at the traineeship after April 30?   For reference, the traineeships would each be full-time (39h) but with a lesser, intern-like salary (about 1500€ gross monthly)   Any advice or examples from experience would be greatly appreciated
  2. Hello, I think I am in tricky situation here, I have type-D visa and recently I have applied for the Blue Card in the Ausländerbehörde referencing my residence address, it is small Kreis near Frankfurt. But my Immigration File or documents are in the Frankfurt Ausländerbehörde. The small Ausländerbehörde had requested my immigration file from Frankfurt but it had not yet arrived. It have been a month or more since the date of my application and I am starting to be very worry. Is it normal that it is requiring so much time or do you think that it should be a problem with that ?   I have contacted many times my Ausländerbehörde and they are saying that they are just waiting for the immigration file to be arrived and every thing else is fine.   What should I do , is it a good idea to go to the Frankfurt Ausländerbehörde and to request them in person to send my immigration file to the other Ausländerbehörde ?   Marry Christmas to all!   Thanks
  3. I'm currently living in Munich after moving from Australia on a working holiday visa.  My work background is as a rope access technician or Industrie Kletterer which is basically a tradesman that works at height on ropes doing tasks from cleaning windows, building maintenance, banner installations, rigging and inspections.  I have a job offer for a part-time job in Munich but wondering if this would suitable enough for applying for a work permit?  It also seems that most of the work here is freelance and I'm also wondering if this would be possible to apply for a freelance visa? I'm not sure this would be considered a "liberal profession"   any help would be much appreciated. 
  4. Hi guys,    I just moved to Berlin on a work visa to join a certain startup, I have an appointment to receive a residence permit coming up (NOT blue card). Anyway now I received a better job offer (that could actually allow me to get a blue card), so I want to know if I can apply to the residency permit with the new job offer?  Note:  - My work visa has the name of the first company on it.