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  1. Hi everyone,   I really need your help I´m about to sign a new work contract when I noticed that they are asking about my old salaries? They asked me normal where und how I´m insured (I´m normaly Krankenkasse insured but with the new contract I´ll be Versicherungsfrei), this is ok but then comes the question if in 2017 and 2018 my income exceeded Jahresarbeitsentgeltgrenze? Why they need this? Even to provide proof of my last year salary - do they have the right to do it? Of course I don´t want that they see the difference between my last and my new salary? What can I do ? How can I proceed without giving this information and avoid confrontation? I´ve never seen such questions in my other work contracts that is why I´m confused.   Thank you very much in advance!!!