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  1. Hello there,   Unfortunately I got caught up in a really toxic working environment and I want to leave if I get an offer before my probation ends next week. The company I’m currently working for has a 3 months probation and 2 weeks notice with no reason to be given for resignation.   The thing is, I am in the middle of a critical project and was wondering if there are any legal repurcussions if I do resign and give notice? I could offer them 1 month instead of 2 weeks as a sign of good will to finish up as much as I can while finding a temp or replacement.   I am pretty optimistic that I’ll get an offer and the next company is also trying to rush their decision so I could come in with them - just wondeeing legally if the company could hold me from leaving?
  2. Hi, My wife had an appointment in Ausgut with the immigration office in frankfurt and was offered the resident permit. We were told that it would take upto 12 weeks for the card to be provided. We were also given Vorläufige Bescheinigung über einen bewilligten Aufenthaltstitel and Fiktionsbescheinigung. Fiktionsbescheinigung is valid till 30th Nov and Vorläufige Bescheinigung über einen bewilligten Aufenthaltstitel is valid till 20th Feb 2023.  I have 2 questions. 1.Can my wife continue to work on Vorläufige Bescheinigung über einen bewilligten Aufenthaltstitel? 2.We are planning to travel outside of Germany (to india) in december and come back in January. Can we travel? will there be any issues.?   Please let us know if you have some information.    
  3. Feeling under threat at work

    At the end of last month I sent an email to my boss asking if our company had any plans to help out employees with the cost of living, fuel, energy and other price hikes that essentially devalue our wages.   After some back and forth the email was passed on to our HR who invited me for a meeting, saying they "would be happy to discuss my concerns in this personal meeting".   At this meeting  other than me was my boss and his boss, a member of HR and the head of HR.   after an initial explanation as to why the HR team were there (to mediate and take notes) they meeting began and I realised that this was not about my concerns, but instead they began to fire accusations at me that included absenteeism (the practice of taking time off work without good reason) and also synonymously used the phrase "your reliability issues". I was directly attacked by the head of HR who asked me how I could have the nerve to ask for more money when I had this record of absenteeism.    I'll briefly explain for context, I was off work for a long period of time due to mental health problems, bipolar, insomnia and acute anxiety. I am diagnosed now and on medication plus i have regular visits to a Psychiatrist and Neurologist and every two weeks with a therapist,  and I also did a stint at the local Psychosomatische Tagesklinik during my time off. I have had to take off more time than usual since returning to work in April 2021 as my kids were not allowed to go to kindergarten if they had so much as a sniffle, plus when they actually had covid, followed by a period where I had Covid too, the last years have been tough.  I was also signed off work three times over the last two years since my return for chronic bouts of insomnia. Every day off is accounted for with doctors notes for myself and my kids, I have no days of absence without holiday or a sicknote.   During the meeting I was pressured into giving specific details of my condition, and they also tried to make me commit to a "solution to my reliability problems".   I was also told that this "absenteeism could not be tolerated and that there can be consequences, though this was never elaborated on, and it was mentioned many times how terrible this was for the company and what hardship I was causing them.   I was also being goaded into making a statement that my problems were stopping me perform my duties, and that I didn't want to work there, though in both cases I refused to go along with it.   I felt very pressurized and very anxious the entire time this was happening and all I wanted was for it to be over.  I felt out manned and out gunned and unable to defend myself properly as I was so flustered. In hindsight I wish I had called a halt to the meeting and asked for it to be rescheduled, but I was frankly scared to as I felt intimidated by the HR manager and the fact that I was one against four.   I really feel that I was lured into a de-facto disciplinary hearing, the email I got inviting me mentioned nothing about any of this and only that we could discuss my concerns, which we actually didn't discuss because I was totally stonewalled on that front every time I attempted to bring it up.   I was offered no Protokoll for the meeting, there was not real conclusion to the meeting, I was left confused, angry, scared.   No one has ever taken this tone with me before, no one has ever mentioned anything about my "Absenteeism" before I sent this email, and certainly no one has ever made me feel threatened in such a way. I really feel that this is some sort of indiscrete warning, or their attempt to shut me down with regard to the questions I was asking.   I'm absolutely floored by this, for the last two days I have, ironically, suffered from not being able to sleep properly and being almost constantly anxious, I have butterflies and that stressed feeling of tightness across my chest, I'm finding it hard to concentrate - in short, I'm having a very bad reaction to this and worried about where this is going, but not only that, I cannot believe this happened.  I'm now scared to take the time off to see my doctor, which I normally would if I began to feel like this since it's incredibly bad for my health, and I'm even more worried that if I do his first action would be to sign me off.   There is no official Betriebsrat at my place of work, though it is big enough to have one.   Any advice or insight would be appreciated, I've never felt so powerless or violated in my life.   D    
  4. Hi!   I currently have a work permit that doesn't specify if I can work for non-German companies as an employee. When I got the visa I asked and the answer from the Ausländerbehörde representative was "I don't know. This depends more on the Finanzamt.". Turns out the Finanzamt doesn't seem to care as long as you're paying all your taxes propperly. It's written like this in my Zusatzblatt:   "Selbstständige tätigkeit ist nur mit Zustimmung der Ausländerbehörde gestattet. / Beschäftigung gestattet. / Aufenthalt erlischt mit Bezug von Leistungen nach dem SGB II, SGB XII Wogg bzw. Asylblg." Can I have problems if I accept a contract from a non-German company? From what I understand it's not very clear and seems like I could work for anyone I want. Also, I read somewhere that in this case I have to bear all the social security by myself probably through TK, correct? I appreciate a lot any input! Best, Luis
  5. Hey guys,  Again, I am sorry if this topic has already been discussed. After a quick browsing on the forum, I did not find a quick answer, so I am starting a new thread.    I just quit my job, wasn't the best position, ahd issues with the team leader for being sick a lot (with valid doctor notes). However, my last day ahs been at the end of August, and so far I still ahve not received a letter of reference. I thought letters of references are mandatory in Germany. I emailed HR several times and got the silent treatment. I just want to know if I can expect such a letter in the next days, or if this is something it is not required by German law.    Thank you.    Cherry