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  1. Hello, I am living in Germany as a student in Baden-Württemberg on a student residence permit. I come from the US and my German is very basic and not close to conversational and my classes are taught in English . I was wondering if it was possible to work a remote job that is based in the US? I know I can’t work more than 20 hours a week on a student residence permit. 
  2. Regular job as a side hustle

    So I’m self employed, and make a reasonable living. But I’m getting a little bored, and have been thinking about getting a “real” job as a “side hustle”. Mostly for the stimulation and socialising. And obviously more money is never a bad thing.   I own my own small company, and it’s running mostly on autopilot, and pay myself as a contractor, when work needs to be done.   Does any one have experience with how taxation would work in this case? Would it be perhaps better to just pay myself a company distribution, rather than payment for services as a contractor?   Any help would be appreciated.
  3. My gaffer recently expressed concern that the two excavations we have are seriously under-staffed and that if I knew anyone with skills and availability could I mention it. Well I mentioned in one my Facebook page and expected replies from German colleagues. Replies I got, but also from an unexpected quarter - back home in the UK. I would have thought that everyone was working on the HS2 project but no, some people are not for various reasons.  "So Taff, what do I have to do to get over there digging". Well that threw me a bit: of course previously it was not an issue but here we are. The projects will likely last until March. Would my pal need a solid offer from my firm before applying for a Visa; how does this work? Thanks in advance, Taff