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  1. Hi so I just started at my new company. Its the EU HQ of an American company. I'm on a German contract. Originally I come from an Eastern EU member country. Due to corona, but likely even after, I'm not required to come to office. They offered me a company flat for the first 3 months but now want to postpone to January 2021 (fearing 2nd wave and me being stuck alone in lock down - hrs my boss da a sweetheart). I used to live in Germany, and they know it and think I'm with friends and boyfriend (we broke up). So essentially I can just stay in an Airbnb, I can't stay at friends' for so long. I asked if I can go to my country but I was told no.   How should I register on Germany as a Bürger when I don't even have an address? Can I just give them an address of my friend where I'm staying?    Could someone please explain why? Is there any workaround this? There are so many expats all over the world, why is it such an issue for a rich, global company? If I work there for a few years, would they get more flexible?
  2. Hi everyone,   A friend of mine is planning to come to Germany for work, and she's getting a part-time work contract from a German company. As she's in India at the moment, she'll be applying for a work visa from there (when the covid situation improves, of course). Will she get a work visa (not EU Blue card) with a part-time work contract? Has anyone experienced this? Is there a rule about only 40 hours contract, or a certain minimum income level for a normal work visa?   Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi,   I've been working in Berlin for about 4 years now (I have German citizenship but grew up overseas and am not fluent in German). I want to quit my current job due to burn out—unfortunately it is just not sustainable for my mental health. I don't want to look for another job immediately and would like to apply for benefits. My German is not great and I'm struggling to understand my rights. Here are the questions I'd really appreciate help with.   1) How soon after quitting my job (I have the standard 3-month notice period) can I apply for and then receive benefits (ALG1?)? 2) Does the Arbeitsamt look into your savings and will they penalise your payments accordingly?  3) If there is a wait time between my contract end date and receiving benefits, how much would I need to pay in health insurance? I'm with TK. 4) Is there any standard for leaving your job for burn out/mental health reasons, or is the best process just to quit voluntarily, as I am planning? (I'm currently not in therapy as I am struggling with the subsidised application process)   Thank you in advance!  
  4. So today i have caused minor damage to a colleagues car while working a fork lift. Usually there would be no problem and insurance would cover the damage but i was asked to drive a forklift even tho i have no license for one. I have of course informed my company on this fact and they said it was no problem and since we are short handed someone needs to fill in. I was hesitant but i agreed (i understand that i should have said no). But my problem now is they are talking about me covering the damage for the accident that happened on the company grounds, with the company equipment, after i was asked to do the job and they being informed several times i had no license.  Who is responsible for covering the damage and do i have any legal recourse to refuse to pay?