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  1. My gaffer recently expressed concern that the two excavations we have are seriously under-staffed and that if I knew anyone with skills and availability could I mention it. Well I mentioned in one my Facebook page and expected replies from German colleagues. Replies I got, but also from an unexpected quarter - back home in the UK. I would have thought that everyone was working on the HS2 project but no, some people are not for various reasons.  "So Taff, what do I have to do to get over there digging". Well that threw me a bit: of course previously it was not an issue but here we are. The projects will likely last until March. Would my pal need a solid offer from my firm before applying for a Visa; how does this work? Thanks in advance, Taff  
  2. Heyy lovely people,   My wife is new in Germany. She worked a HR/Administrative job back in my country and she would like to continue working in Germany.    Her options are limited as she doesnt know German yet. Ofcourse she will eventually learn German but as of now she wants to start training/working. My idea for her is to make her join some Ausbildung program where they train her and eventually take her in for full time job. Could some one tell me if they have taken similar route? I am not sure how to go about this as there are numerous Ausbildungs program and she is open for new domains apart from Management jobs.   Thanks, Have a nice day