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  1. Currently, most people are working remotely. I'm one of them too. But recently, I was contacted by a company which is totally remote. Not sure how to define it, but let's say it's an IT company that is not located in Germany but has a point of contact somewhere like in the US.   Now my question is how is possible to have a contract with them such that I can still pay taxes and social and health care contributions to the German government, which is really important to me?!  
  2. Work life balance

    I have a question regarding life in Germany. How do employers view scheduling doctors appointments, picking up kids, etc. during the work day. In America I know these things are very frowned upon. I also notice most places open and close around the same times. So how then do people find time for scheduling doctors appointments etc outside the workday?
  3. Hi everyone,   I just started working and am now aware of the generous sick day policy in Germany (no doctor's note required up to 2 days). I just came across this statistic that on average, German workers take 18.3 sick days a year (!!!) far ahead of other European countries. This means that if one takes a sick day off every month, he's still below the average... I'm just wondering if some of you can share the ball park of how many sick days you usually take a year.
  4. Demotion / degradierung

    Hi,   Was just wondering if anyone has experience or views on the long term consequences of a demotion at work in Germany. Do you have any experiences to share or know of close cases?   I am wondering particularly on your views if he demotion comes from he employee's side      
  5. On my Aufenthaltstitel it says "Erwerbstätigkeit gestattet".  I know that means I have full labor access, but I was wondering what this means for working for other countries in the EU. Can I work for a company in Ireland or France, for example on a remote basis?