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  1. Hi,    I live in a Wohngemeinschaft (shared apartments) with a common kitchen / restroom.  Past few months, there are two inhabitants (living in their separate rooms) , have been making the common kitchen and restroom so dirty. Cleanliness is zero.    Recently, after the house administration cleaned the kitchen, the same two inhabitants started to cook immediately.  I told them, "please clean the place after you finished cooking ".  They replied me not to order them. I said, its good for all, so everyone can use the place. Then, those people threatened me saying they are Arabs and they fuck me/my life. I told them , germany does not treat anyone special based on ethnicity.  Everyone is treated equal infront of german law.   It is not only about this incident.  They turn off the fire alarm in kitchen , so that they can heat up the shisha khole würfel (small cubes of coal , that can be heated up and be used for smoking shisha ) on the stove. They make sure the fire alarm is turned off.  I believe these things is not a good practise.    My question :  what legal options I have ,  to manage such threatening statements. Is there any possibility to report to the city office or is there any behörde exists to take care of shared apartments complaints?   After this incident, I have already informed to the house administration    Kindly share your opinion on this.