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  1. Hi. I have noticed that the people on here are very clued up technically on internet and broadband issues. I am not tech-savvy at all, so I am posting here to see if I can get any advice.   For internet at home, I signed up for Congstar Homespot, which I have found to be very good, especially as I was moving addresses and you can change for a payment of 20 euros. I am using my own Huawei E5776S router with their SIM card, rather than buy a Congstar router, as I had it anyway. I notice that I only get two bars at most of 4G (on the router page information), but the full five bars shows on my PC. In any case, I do not notice any issues with connectivity, as I am pretty limited in what I do online anyway and so my PC works just fine.   However, I bought a Nokia 5.3 mobile phone and I have noticed that things like video conferencing are seriously slow when I try it through this home Wifi connection. Same with downloading anything. So can someone suggest: is the problem here likely to be down to the mobile phone itself or the router?   The reason I am asking is that knowing the probable reason would help me to better solve the problem with the connectivity problems on the smartphone, i.e. get a better router for the Homespot or get a separate mobile-phone deal and SIM card for when I need to use my smartphone (rarely, it has to be said)?   Thanks for any insights.