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  1. Hello Toytown!   My wife, 2 year old son and I will be moving to Germany in June. I will be working in Hofheim, and from what I have researched Wiesbaden seems like a nice place to live within reasonable reach of the office. I have searched this forum a lot, and found recommendations in Wiesbaden for following areas: - Sonnenberg / Nordost (Nerotal) - Rheingauviertel / Mitte - Bierstadt The above, while nice, seem to be pushing what I think we can afford. I'm looking at <EUR 1500 for a 3-bedroom apartment hopefully.   Some posters have mentioned Biebrich. Both as "good" and "bad". Conclusion seems to be, there are good and bad parts of Biebrich. From what I can see on immoscout, Biebrich is a little more affordable than the above areas.   Can anyone help me to understand which parts of Biebrich are the ones to avoid? Is there a certain street beyond which things take a turn for the worse? Or any resource (German or English) that can give me an idea?   Thank you!