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  1. A dependent of a US service member has had his acceptance to George Mason University rescinded after it was discovered that he had attempted to join a white supremacist/neo-Nazi group.   So, who would like to comment on this service member's failure to control his/her dependents? I know from personal experience with a former military tenant of mine hat promotions and transfers, as well as the permission to reside off-base, can be held up by a failure to control your dependents. Is Germany now obliged to be sure they are not importing hate along with their desirable guests?  
  2. There is a certain element among this group - an element that can't be trusted to do the right thing. They bring their prejudices along with their skills. How should Europe deal with them? US soldier stationed in Vicenza, Italy, plotted with Satanic neo-Nazis to ambush his own unit overseas   Perhaps it really is the best idea to shut off freedom of movement to such miscreants.