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  1. Hello All,   I am in big trouble with my used car. Kindly provide your advise on how to proceed.   It is a Mercdes B Class 180, Benzin 2011 model from a dealer in Kiel. Km stand when I purchased the car was  93000 and Purchase date was August 20,2020. I moved to Munich from 1.November, 2020. On 7.12.2020, the engine warning light came and I called ADAC to readout the error. It shows below errros(KM stand now: 95600): P0016 Nockenwellenposition bank 1 Sensor A P0341 NockenwellenSensor A   I took it to the Mercedes showroom in München. It was timing chain problem and fix would cost 4000€. I informed the dealer and he asked me to take the car to independent workshop since Mercedes would cost more. The independent workshop also estimated the same price, infact 200€ more than Mercedes. The dealer told he will help me to get the used car guarantee claim but he will not pay anything more. The used car guarantee GGG said that they will pay only 750€.    The dealer says timing chain is a wear and tear(Verschleiße) part and he does not have to pay anything even though it was within 6 months after purchase. Is it true?   These are the incidents happened after purchase of the car.   There were engine warnings from first week after the purchase. Incident 1: On 28.8.2020, the warning light up, it shows error P001177 -Einlass-NockenwellenPosition Bank 1 regelabweichung zw.Soll +Istwert. The dealer changed the Nockenwellen Sensor and cleared the warning. I felt the driving was normal after that. Incident 2: On 03.09.2020, the warning was again there and same P001177 error. He asked to clear it from a workshop and drive to check if the issue is coming again. Incident 3: On 24.09.2020, the same error came again and left the car to the dealer for 2 weeks. He said he has changed one more Nockenwellen sensor. Timing chain was fine. Incident 4: On 13.10.2020, the engine warning was there again, I took the car to the Mercedes in Neumünster. They told it was problem in the Airpressure sensor and replaced it. they dealer refused pay anything since I went to Mercedes, it costed 400€ for me. Unfortunately I do not have the error this time. Incident 5: Then I moved to Munich drove the car by myself to Munich for 850KM. The car was good to drive. But the warning is again came on 7.12.2020 and I explained already the next things happened.   The dealer says that I went to Mercedes in Neumünster after incident 4 and they did not say anything about timing chain issue but only a sensor was changed. therefore He can prove that the timing chain was okay when he sold the car to me. In this case, even if I go to lawyer, will I succeed in the legal process?   I am first  time car buyer in my life and kind provide your advise on how to proceed next.