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  1. I just received my additional nebenkosten bill for 2019; it was our first year in Germany, so it covered 8 months (May-Dec). I owe 942 euros, mostly for water expenses. We were two people with a 3-year-old child, in a new building complex in Berlin, managed by a company called Allod. Apartment is 89 square meters, one bathroom. I think the water was heated by electricity. Does anything seem weird about these charges?   WARMWASSERKOSTEN 30% Grundkosten = 2.23 euro/sq meter x 89 sq meter = 134 euro 70% Verbrauchskosten = 18.52 euro/kubikmeter x 51.12 kubikmeters used = 946.62 euro KALTWASSERKOSTEN Bewasserung = 1.79 euro/kubikmeter x 142 kubikmeters used = 254 euro Gesamtbetrag Abwasser = 2.16 euro/kubikmeter x 142 kubikmeters used = 307 euro   HEIZKOSTEN 30% Grundkosten = 83 euro 70% Verbrauchskosten = 188 euro The figure that stood out the most to me was the 18.52 euro/kubikmeter for the hot water; is that high? Also it seems hard to believe that we used 580 liters of water per day. We did give the kid a bath every day and owned a high-efficiency washing machine. We are American and probably were not as mindful as we could have been with water consumption.