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  1. Hello all! I got a job in Ottobrunn starting from June, and will be moving during May. Consequently, I am looking for a 1-room (or 1.5-room) apartment in the area between München center and Ottobrunn itself (both endpoints included). I am primarily looking for a place that is no more than 1h away from my workplace by public transport, is already furnished, and has a kitchen. An oven and a washing machine are huge pluses.   I am male, 36, single, quiet, non-smoker, without pets, would live alone, and have full-time employment. Previous to this I spent 7 years in Freiburg until I finished my PhD. If you have an offer please send me a PM, and we can discuss details. :-)   Best, Marko
  2. So, I got me a job in Munich and will be moving next week. I'll initially be staying in a shared flat until June 30 (option to extend until July 31 depending on Corona situation and whether I can find a place of my own). If anyone knows of anything, I'd like to move mid/late June. About me:    I am female, 38, single, non-smoker, no pets, full time employee, quiet and would like 1-2 (or 1.5) rooms with a kitchen already there. I am looking to pay 850EUR max (warm). Preferably in Schwabing, Neuhausen, Maxvorstadt, Ludwigvorstadt or similar location. Yes, I know it's a crazy and expensive market in Munich, but I also know this is not entirely impossible - a friend had to find a place twice last year due to "Eigenbedarf" of the old flat and managed to find one in Schwabing both times (yes he's already shared his tips and I am doing all those things as well as checking ImmoScout, ImmoWelt, will check papers, etc.). But you never know, maybe someone here would like an easy tenant who has never made a late payment in her life and has never had money withheld from her deposit.  I'll be happy to share my income in a private message and I could have a parent co-sign as a security if absolutely necessary (this has helped before and they're happy to do it).    Thanks and stay healthy folks.   Chris