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  1. Hi guys,  I will be moving to Germany after a couple of months to start a job in Walldorf.  I am looking to buy a car and after reading a lot on the internet, I found out that I have to apply for a German driving license and do the theory exam  + practical test to get it.  I have an international license in english issued by my country and I know I can use it for 6 months. But (according to different forums) usually the process to acquire a German driving license takes anywhere from 4-6 months (maybe more).    My question is, if anyone knows, if I apply for the German driving license, will they take my international license? ( I know I might have to get it translated to german, but I'm not sure).    My concern is that during the 4-6month period, will I be able to drive?  I am planning to apply for the license in the first month of my arrival actually.  This is a very critical decision for me and will affect the area where I will rent an apartment.  Any help is appreciated guys! Thanks!