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  1. How to respond to Mahnbescheid

    I received a Mahnbescheid from Waldorf Frommer, for an accusation of file sharing that they claim it happened two years ago.   This Mahnbescheid consists of two Widerspruch forms, one gray and the other one pink (one with the address of the responsible court and one without). The pink one says "Schadenersatz au Unfall/Vorfall" and the gray one says a different (higher) amount under "gesamtsumme".   If I decide to pay, what amount I should pay pay, the "gesamtsumme" in the gray page or the one in the "Schadenersatz au Unfall/Vorfall" in the pink page. And it says here I need to send payment evidence to Waldorf Frommer, but how about the Widerspruch, which box I should tick?   And If I decide to object, will there be a period of negotiation? or do we go to court right after the receipt of the opposition?