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  1. vodafone issues

    Move to rural area an were told that all we could have for communication was vodafone gigacube at over €46/ month. this was Feb 2019 It didn´t work well , went back to shop and were told we needed to buy an antenna. did this, still not good and were told there was nothing to be done. We managed. In August this year it finally packed up and we returned to the shop who sent it away. We had to rely on mobile data. The service engineer spoke to us and said it was faulty and a new one was in the post. It didn´t arrive, went back to shop who said that we would not have a new one but our old one was being repaired. We borrowed an old unit from the shop but my husband had to leave his drivers licence. This old unit is a bit hit and miss but better that nothing. My husband spoke with the service engineer again who said our unit was not being repaired but the shop must give us a new one. The shop refuses unless we sign a new 2 year contract. They refuse to return my husbands drivers license and we are still paying out €46,21 /b month plus extra mobile data. The shop still say we can only have a replacement if we sign a new 2 year contract even though our old contract is still running. We have contacted head office who can not help. In fact no one can help.  Any advice please