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  1. Hey people!    I have a big question.  Right now I'm studying my Bachelor here in Germany (Berlin) and my program requires me to do either an internship abroad or a semester abroad but I have decided to apply for a citizenship after my studies and after living in Germany for about 7ish years. I've already been living in Germany for 2 years, this year would be my third, but now that I have received a confirmation of my exchange semester I am wondering if my 2 years that I was already living here would be thrown away after I come back from the semester abroad.  Unfortunately I can't keep my apartment where I'm currently living during my stay abroad, therefore I would officially need to do the abmeldung and once I come back (after 5 months) do the anmeldung in my new address.  I know that the main requirement to get the citizenship is to be living in Germany for about 6-8 years under a visa/residence permit.  Do you know if by studying abroad for one semester my two years would be wasted?  I will still be enrolled in my Germany university while studying, so I guess it could be a grey area...    Thank you for your comments guys!