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  1. I mean, hey foreigner office bureaucrats, you know that you are overworked, understaffed with a non functional website and have to deal with one or the other onslaught of foreigners / refugees / migrants in Berlin and yet you want to give only one year visa for the last 02 years for a position ( Erzieher ) which is in short supply. My daughter has done her Ausbildung right here in Berlin. but she ends up getting one year visa. From April onwards start the same old struggle to go to their defunct website for a visa extension. So much waste of her time and the time of the bureaucrats. I donot get it.    And yet at the same time, i see in my office all the IT people getting long terms visas. I donot want to take away the shine and importance from the IT or other business positions.   But i think this is a complete lopsided view for the government to give the lowest priority to the teachers, health care and child care workers in terms of pay grades and visas. Don't they not play a very important role for our families? You called them Corona warriors when shit hit the fan.