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  1. Hello,   I am new here, but I am happy to have found such great forum discussing life in Germany and help foreigners understand the system.   Background: I am located in Munich and I obtained my master's degree in computer sience from TUM in 2017. I have been working since then with blue card for 22 months.   Questions/Doubts: As far as I understood from several websites(e.g., I can apply for Niederlassungserlaubnis after 2 additional months(since I am a garduate with 24 months of work experience in the same field). However, I am not sure what the required german proficiency level is. Is it A2 or B1?    With that being said, I know very well my German is pretty bad and would never meet the B1 level (given this is the case). I am planning to continue German courses soon, but it will take me some time. In that case, can I apply after 33 months with A1 level? And do I need to stay with the same company till the 33 months are over or can I relocate to another city with different company and still the 33 months get counted?   Thank you in advance and I apologize if some of the questions are redundant to other posts.