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  1. Hello everyone,    I have at the moment a visa for my PhD valid until 30.06.2018 (§20 ABS. 1), but my defense will be in the end of July or middle of August. This week I have received a job offer (full-time) and I would like to change my present visa to a working permit Visa in order to start working and also wait for my defense. Is it possible? Does somebody know which documents are necessary for that?   Thanks a lot for the help and attention.  ps: Maybe it is important to say that the PhD is in Physics and the job title is Software developer. 
  2. my partner and I got married almost two years ago, both American. We are now in the situation that my partner wants to split up. I do not, but we have to get the visa renewed in three months. They had a student visa and now getting a work visa and after two years can apply for citizenship/ permanent residence. Do I have the right 1. to get my visa renewed with them? We will be living apart (if I find a place to live) for a month 2. if I can't renew my visa can I convert it to a Freelancer Visa (an idea I've been toying around with in my head, as I am an artist)? 2b. If i can get a freelancer Visa can I also work a 20 hour job too (so that I get my health insurance)? Any information would be helpful and I have looked here and google and cannot find an answer.
  3. Hi,   I completed my masters a couple of years back and took the job search visa of 18 months, however, after 6 months of job search I joined a Ph.D.   Now my doubt is whether I would be eligible for 18-month job search again after completing my Ph.D.??   Greetings
  4. Folks,   I was wondering if there is a way to retain Niederlassungserlaubnis after moving back to one's non-EU home country?   Maybe buying German property, renting a small apartment, etc. - in addition to flying back to Germany every 6 months.   Appreciate your advice.
  5. Hello,   I'm a Blue Card holder and been living in Berlin with my wife for a year now. I have to go back to my home country and probably stay there for a couple of years due to personal issues. I understand that my Blue Card will get voided but in the future, we want to come back and live in Germany again.   A couple of questions: 1- What are the steps I should take before leaving Germany? I heard there is a de-registeration process 2- Knowing that we want to be back in the future, what should be taken into consideration? 3- Is there a way to ask German Foreign Office to not void the Blue Card and hold it for 2-3 years?   Thank you in advance.
  6. I'm an American who for personal reasons finished grad school in Germany (M.Sc.) and am currently working within my field at an office here. From what I experienced getting my current work visa, my German degree basically bypassed the requirement for an interview with the Agentur fuer Arbeit (to argue why I'm necessary and no EU citizen can perform my job), and now I'm able to work unrestricted within my field of study.   However, I wish to develop professionally back in the US (at least until I learn the basics) and perhaps come back to work in Germany once I'm at least pretty proficient at what I do. So, the plan is move back stateside and perhaps three or four years down the line consider moving back when I can actually contribute to my work (instead of being the coffee-getting intern).   Anyways, the big question: in both legal and customary terms, is this visa-exemption still valid after leaving for a few years? Legal as in if I can still bypass the Arbeitsamt interview requirement and simply apply for a new visa; customary as in if employers would still consider a German M.Sc. graduate who had been out of the country for a few years, in contrast to a fresh graduate still in the country.
  7. Type D Visa to Blue Card

    Hi there,   I am a Non EU national (New Zealander).   I have been living in Munich for 5 months, on a type D visa that I applied for at the German Embassy in New Zealand.   When I applied, I thought I was applying for a Blue Card at the embassy.   My visa finishes on the 27th of July, and I wish to extend it so I can continue my job in Munich.   Is it possible to extend this type D visa or convert it into a Blue card?   I have one issue, my university degree was lost in my luggage on my way here (I had already applied for my visa) and my university will not send me another copy. Is this physical copy of the degree a must have? From what I can tell online it is.   Any help on this would be fantastic.   Cheers,   Chris 
  8. Hello All, I did my Master in Germany and then got 18 months job search visa. During this time I worked in a project based temporary jobs. 18 months process has ended and I got 3 more months fixionsbechenigung. Unfortunately I could not get any offer. And  now I have still active applications which I am waiting for their answers. However my last 3 months extension will be ended in a month. Is it possible to get around 2 more months extension?   Thanks in advance
  9. relocation consultant

    I am looking for someone or some company who acts as a relocation consultant and can provide me full-support of applying for a freelance visa and/or permanent residency. Any advice would be highly appreciated. 
  10. If a student wants to extend her study visa when her family is staying with her (spouse and the child), how much financial proof she needs to provide for the foreigner's office?  I know it is around 700 Euro per month for a single student, but how about for a family of 3?   Also, if I want to give an official commitment regarding her financial needs: "Jemand mit Wohnsitz in Deutschland verpflichtet sich gegenüber der Ausländerbehörde, die Kosten für dich zu übernehmen." how should I do that? Should I give an official declaration of support to a lawyer? or to somewhere else?