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  1. Folks,   I was wondering if there is a way to retain Niederlassungserlaubnis after moving back to one's non-EU home country?   Maybe buying German property, renting a small apartment, etc. - in addition to flying back to Germany every 6 months.   Appreciate your advice.
  2. Dear Community,   I have been employed in Germany for last 4.5 years and start enternzeit in some months. I have been contributing to social security all this time with TKK as my insurance provider.   After elterzeit, I plan to start working as freelancer and plan to apply for steuernummer during elterzeit. My questions are -    1. Is there going to be any issue to receive freelance visa. I have not yet got niederlassungserlaubnis. What kind of documents, I need to present. 2. Is there an issue to apply steuernummer during elternzeit. Can I even do now when I am working ? 3. I want to continue being enrolled by TKK, but I would like to avoid paying into social security contribution for atleast 2 years. I have to yet create a client portfolio and may not have enough income in the initial years.   Thank you.
  3. Hello,   Anyone here have an idea about the procedure of relocation to Germany, for an expat coming from outside the EU who is living and working in Netherlands with a Blue card less than 18 months.   Does he need to come back to  home country and  apply for a working permit in the German embassy or he can apply directly in the immigration office in Germany ?   Thank you for your help.   Best, Souheib
  4. EU Blue Card Application

    Hi, I recently received a job offer in Germany and considering my future salary amount, I understand I can apply for EU Blue Card at the Germany Embassy here in Singapore. However, I have couple of questions – so hoping anyone could advise: While looking for the documents required here, as stated: "German university degree or recognized foreign degree comparable to a German degree" – I graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and the school doesn't seem to be listed in ANABIN website – I wonder if I could use their partner university in UK (Loughborough University) instead or any suggestion what should I do if the school is not recognized in this case, can I still apply for the blue card?  Any advise would be much appreciated, thank you.
  5. Hello guys, another question.   I've got a Grenzübertrittsbecheinigung (GÜB) to leave Germany. I am Brazilian with a valid RESIDENCE Visa in Spain valid for 1 year.  The person from immigrations office told me to go to Spain and deliver the letter at the border control but the letter says nothing about where I should go and for how much time.   So the questions are:   1- How do I deliver this letter since traveling from Germany to Madrid doesn't have passport control?   2 - When I deliver, are the guards going to send me to my home country or I can go to Spain? (Schengen neighbor state)?   Thanks!    
  6. Hi, I work and live in Germany and have a Niederlassungserläubnis.   unfortunately in the chaos and last minute flight catching, I forgot my Niederlassungserlaubnis card- most likely at my Home in Germany.  when Taking my flight from Germany to India They had my data on the system, however I do not know how i will manage to go back without the card, my flight back from India to Germany is upcoming. i however have pictures of my card on my phone and have also taken photocopies of the same. Do any of you have a similar experience or advise how to go about this. Would the paper copies suffice at the airport?? Would I need to apply for a new visa despite my existing one.   thank you   distressed    
  7. Hi all,   My husband (EU citizen) has been working in DE for 6 months, and the kids (also EU citizenship) and I are joining him on 1 Feb. As a GB citizen (ergo still EU for now) do I for now need to do any more than register at the Bürgeramt?  Also, I am currently a freelance translator in the EU country we are moving from and I plan to continue this form of work in DE (translating into English from my other EU language). As a Brit, if I manage to register as freiberuflich before B-Day, can I just merrily carry on?  
  8. Hi, I work and live in Germany and have a Niederlassungserläubnis.   unfortunately in the chaos and last minute flight catching, I forgot my Niederlassungserlaubnis card- most likely at my Home in Germany.  when Taking my flight from Germany to India They had my data on the system, however I do not know how i will manage to go back without the card, my flight back from India to Germany is upcoming. i however have pictures of my card on my phone and have also taken photocopies of the same. Do any of you have a similar experience or advise how to go about this. Would the paper copies suffice at the airport?? Would I need to apply for a new visa despite my existing one.   thank you   distressed    
  9. Hi, I work and live in Germany and have a Niederlassungserläubnis.   unfortunately in the chaos and last minute flight catching, I forgot my Niederlassungserlaubnis card- most likely at my Home in Germany.  when Taking my flight from Germany to India They had my data on the system, however I do not know how i will manage to go back without the card, my flight back from India to Germany is upcoming. i however have pictures of my card on my phone and have also taken photocopies of the same. Do any of you have a similar experience or advise how to go about this. Would the paper copies suffice at the airport?? Would I need to apply for a new visa despite my existing one.     thank you   distressed    
  10. A bit of information about myself: I've got a freelancer visa for 2 years now and currently in the KSK scheme.   So, I've got offered this full-time position to work on a project for 10 months, by a new client.   Renewing my visa in January and I'd like to keep the situation as it is right now for me, however reading stuff regarding "Scheinselbstandigkeit" scares me a bit. Would that also apply to situation like mine with a relatively short contract period?   Hope someone can help and many thanks in advance!
  11. Topic split from: Moving from Artist Freelance Visa to "Erwerbstätigkeit gestattet"   I'm in a similar situation and wondering if anyone has feedback on getting Erwerbstätigkeit gestattet. In particular, I've heard that after 3 years of working in Germany (even as a freelancer), it is possible to get an open work permit that allows both employment and self employment. But I wanted to check that what I've heard, and also my interpretation of the law that states this, are accurate.   Does anyone have experience with the process for getting this? Does it require proof of a job offer, or just the normal documents required for renewal? Presumably, one needs to go back and have the permit changed rather than it being something automatic after 3 years? And is there same-day processing similar to a normal freelance renewal or is it a separate longer process?
  12. Hello Everyone,    I have searched for posts regarding this topic, but my situation seems to be quite specific and I have not found any similar situation.  Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.    I am currently in Germany on a permanent residency (I am American) I got through marriage to a German citizen. We are now separated. In February I will have been here 8 years, which I think entitles a child of mine to have German citizenship.    My question is this: If I were to have a baby with my cuban boyfriend, would he be entitled to a German visa? There is no way I want to be pregnant or raise a family in Cuba, but I also do not want to move back to the US, as my home and work are here in Germany.    I of course want to be with the father of my child, and am hoping that someone has some knowledge as to whether or not he would be allowed to reside in Germany due to being the father of a child to a permanent resident in Germany. Also, would he be able to come before the child is born?    There is a possibility he will get a work contract in Germany for a year, so we are hoping after that year he will be able to stay and live with me and the baby. Any advice is much appreciated!     
  13. Hi fellow Toytowners,    I wanted to apply for Niederlassungserlaubnis under AufenthG §18b (Non-EU + Degree from German University/Hochschule + 24 Months of RV + Zert. B1). I stumbled upon the new checklist for the eligibility criteria on the Hamburg Welcome Center checklist (see attachment) that says in point number 4 as: " 4. you meet the requirements for the extension of your current residence permit"   My profile: 1. Currently, I am on a 3 years long contract and working as a Research Associate with a University. 2. I have completed my 24 months of Rentenversicherung-thingy this September. 3. My contract ends on 31st August 2019. 4. But, I got my visa under §18 (Employment) until 1st June 2019 as my Passport is expiring on the same day. Therefore, once I renew my passport, I get to extend it anyway until 31st August 2019.    Moreover, I think it is very much local to the Ausländerbehöders of Hamburg. §9, §5, §2, or §8 of AufenthG do not give any hint of such a requirement.   So my questions are: 1. Do I get to satisfy this new addendum to the checklist for Niederlassungserlaubnis? 2. Do you think it is worth applying from the Hamburg Welcome Center, or should I just apply from any other Behörder in Hamburg? The waiting time for getting an appointment at HWC now seems to be running in around 4 months. 3. Do you think it would be a problem regarding the settlement permit as I might be left with only 5-6 months of Arbeitsvertrag at the time I get my appointment? (Although the Gesetzliche Anweisungen or Legal Instructions for the Beamter/-in suggest that such cases are left to the discretion of the officer, I would like to know some of your experiences, anecdotal or first hand - if any).   Many thanks, Honey Bee! 
  14. Hello, I have tried for ages to get an appt. for the Ausländerbehörde to renew my visa. I finally got one today, but 2 days before my visa expires. The instructions say, "To ensure timely renewal of your current visa or residence permit an appointment should be made 4-6 weeks before the expiry date. The residence permit will generally be issued as an adhesive label in your passport."  How strict is this? I really want to avoid the all day affair of going without an appointment. Is my appointment really too late? Normally the new visa sticker is put in on the spot, so not sure what they mean by "timely renewal." Anyone had experience with this? (of course I will keep checking back to change the date, but in case I cant is it best I go without an appointment a month before?)   best,   R
  15. Searching for a job with

    Hi Toytowners!    I have some questions regarding to my residence permit. I hope that maybe someone here can help me.    I currently have an 18 residence permit. I am doing a PhD and I am employed by the university. My residence permit was granted to me for the whole duration of the PhD. Because I am an employee at the university, I don't have the legal status of a student  but that of a worker / employee. The residence permit was granted to me to do this job exclusively. I am about to finish my PhD and my residence permit is expiring soon as well. I would like to stay in Germany and look for a job here and I know thatI have the right to do it as anyone who finishes a PhD at a german university. My question is, do I have the right to look for another job before I finish my PhD? The timing is tricky for me and I don't understand very well how the transition from PhD employment to non-PhD employment works. Basically, I will finish my thesis before my contract ends. But I think that all the process of getting it approved and defending it will exceed the time of my contract. As I said before, I have been looking for a job but I am not sure if I can actually legally take a job in case that I get an offer. I guess what is confusing for me is the fact that I know that I am allowed to look for another job after I finish my PhD but I don't know if I can also get another job before I officially finish. Any ideas on that? Can I take another job before I do my thesis defense? I wouldn't like to miss the opportunity to work in one of the jobs I already applied for and also, the earlier I get a job, the better it is for me as it can give me a sense of stability. So... what do you think?   Many greetings! 
  16. Hi, I know these topics have been covered, but I couldn't find a direct answer for what I am asking.  I just moved to Germany and have been offered a job for 35-37/hrs a week (which is super exciting, outside of all the crazy paperwork for visas).  I am from the US and while I was there I was a freelancer, I would like to leave the door open to continue that with independent clients on my work visa (to keep a short story short, my work visa won't be in my field of choice, so I would like to still build skills in it with potential freelancing and hopefully eventually move to a job in that field).  My employer seemed fine with the potential of other jobs (mini jobs and part-time jobs), but I still have some questions.   My contract says the behörde and my employer have to approve my freelance status (or give me permission to have another job at all), I just want to know how that would affect my taxes broken down if they agreed on it?   Also, I have a question on the German definition of a freelancer.  One of my main clients from the US, I was a freelancer in the sense that I worked for them on all their projects and not on specific ones and not for a specific amount of time, I was a contractor and not an employee.  If I understand it correctly, that type of work is illegal in Germany.  I was wondering in case I was granted freelancing permission if I took a part-time, remote job like that, but from the US would that be illegal?  Especially since my main job was "covering" me for insurance etc?   I want to make sure I don't make a mistake.  I hope this all makes sense, thank you!
  17. Family reunion visa status

    My husband acquired freelancer Visa in June in Berlin. Since I am only a US green card holder, I flew back to the US to apply for family reunion visa in July. My husband naturally wants to stay with me and wait here too. A few days ago I wrote to Berlin LABO to check the status, they said they notified my husband in August that they needed some more documents. Since we have not been in Berlin, it was possible we missed the letters from them or something. I asked them if they can tell me what they need and we can email (or mail). No reply yet I am pretty nervous about it because what if they question why my husband left Berlin after just getting the visa. In a way I am like my husband's translator in Germany. I usually deal with the paper work, we didn't think about him getting any docs...   Anyone gets any insight? or experiences, as freelancer's dependent in Berlin?
  18. Recently I went to the immigration office to ask about permanent residency, and the woman mentioned a condition I've never heard of before.   I was told that if you work 2 years with Aufenthaltstitel, you can just work any jobs you want without going to the immigration office with a new job contract. Does that sound familiar to anyone?   Context: I've been working with Aufenthaltstitel I got through my first job (worked for 1 year) and I've been working my second job with the same visa for a few months now. I had to get the condition of the visa changed when I got the job, that my visa comes with an additional paper note which shows my current job title and company name. I want to change jobs again but as you have to get your work contract approved by the immigration before stating the job, you can't just get a new contract and work from the next Monday like German people. That is what I thought. But apparently I will be able to do that if I have worked 2 years under the same visa (Aufenthaltstitel). Other information I got: - It doesn't matter if I worked for a job for two years or a several jobs in a total of two years. - It is different from permanent residency and you can still only be able to work in Germany   I could not find such information anywhere else and I want to be sure that there is such a condition. Thanks for your help!
  19. Hello All, I am in a difficult situation now. I hope someone here can guide me or give a clear information on what to do. I traveled from India to Germany as part of 18 months deputation I got from my Indian company. Now I am in my 8th month of deputation. I got a job offer from a German company which seems ideal for me. I got the contract letter from the company and I shared the same with the Ausländerbehörde (Immigration office) here. They verified my contract letter and told me that there is no problem in switching to the new job and they even told me that they will start processing the blue card as well. But I didn't got any appointment for the same.   I put resignation in my current company and my company insisting me to go back to India for serving the notice period. My kid is only 1 month old and I need to apply for her passport since I didn't got her birth certificate yet. My wife came as my dependent and she got the residence permit card as well which got an open work permit. My work permit is tied to my Indian employer. So my concern is can I travel to India with the residence permit I have with me. What if the company cancels my work permit by the time I go to India for serving the notice period?. How much time it will take to switch the visa to my new employer. I am in a tough situation now. Any advice or information will be a great relief for me. Thank you all.
  20. Hi I have a question about my wife's spouse visa. We are both non-EU citizen and I work in Germany on my Blue Card. My monthly gross income is over 5K EUR and my net is over 3K EUR... but my rent is high, I pay like nearly 40% or less of my net income (well my wife seems to be able to work under Blue Card so we can add additional income, that was our plan). So I am a bit afraid after taking off the rent out of my net income, the German authority may think it is not sufficient to cover the expense for two of us.   Does the German authority have concrete amount to determine I have enough sufficient fund for my wife? We do not have children, and I have a car allowance (vehicle and any related fee will be covered by company) as a part of welfare. I was asked to fill forms called Gemeinschaft and Lebensunterhalt and send them by email, though.   Thank you.
  21. Hi all,   I have just received a freelance visa under regulation 21 abs. 5 (as an artist) - in my Zusatzblatt it is written that I can engage in any self-employed activity as an "artist". So far it has been almost two months and I have not managed to sell any of my art work (surprise).   Few years ago before coming to Germany I have worked with advertising agency company as their copywriter and transcreator (translation of advertisements). I read somewhere here that some type of translations can be considered artistic. Would copywriting/transcreation/ novel translation be considered artistic enough by the ABH? I would be grateful if anyone could suggest me how to check if I am allowed to work for such a kind of job?   And also, should I start working as a copy writer/ transcreator/ translator, would I be in trouble if some of the officer at ABH conclude that it is not an artistic job? And also, how would they know what kind of translation I do if I only work for companies abroad? (Just curious and believe me I am not willing to risk this)   Thank you and I look forward to hearing some advice   PS. just to add more information, My permit card says: 21 Abs. 5 My Zusatzblatt says: Erwerbstaetigkeit (2 Abs. 2 AufenthG) nicht gestattet. Freiberufliche Taetigkeit (en) als Kuenstlerin in Bundesgebiet gestattet (21 AufenthG). Die Aufenthaltserlaubnis erlischt bei Beendigung der Taetigkeit.   Thank you again!   Best, N
  22. Hi,   My case is a little bit unique and I want to be sure that my UK visa won't get rejected.   I have renewed my visa permit and I have received the paper called "Anlage zur Antragsbestaetigung fuer die Ausstellung eines elektronischen Aufenthaltstitels". This paper contains my personal detail and states that my Aufenthalserlaubnis is valid until 2019. (It says: "Die Erteilung eines eAT wurde heute bei der Auslaenderbehoerde Duesseldorf beantragt. Der eAT wurde unter anderem mit folgenden Daten bei der Bundesdruckerei bestellt" then list date of issuance and expiration)   However, I still don't have the physical new resident permit card with me and now I have to apply for UK visa. I don't have fiktionbestaetigung and can't get one now (I just moved to a new city and can't wait for registration process be cause this UK visa is very urgent).     All in all, my question is, does anyone knows if the paper above can be sufficient evidence that I have a resident permit here till 2019? and that I already have eAT and just need to pick it up   Does anyone have experience using this paper in place of eAT?     Also, other small question, does anyone know if I can use a copy of my passport to pick up eAT instead of original passport?   Thank you very much. I desperately need help on this!