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  1. Navigating visas for US citizen

    Hi- I recently returned to Germany (worked in Berlin a few years ago, now retired) for a 2 month stay. I am a US citizen. I flew into Frankfurt but went to a Belgium for a month and then back to Germany until my 90 days were up. Of course no one stamped my passport while I crossed the Germany-Belgium border. After passport control checked my visa on the way out, he asked if I knew about the allowance where a US. citizen leaves Germany before the 90 days is up (he said to Denmark) and comes back, then the 90 day countdown is restarted. I have heard of this, but can’t find confirmation on the internet. I am also wondering how I would be sure to get my passport stamped? The reason I am interested in this is I am spending time with an eighty year old friend who needs some minor assistance around the house and is planning cataract surgery, and I would rather not be locked into the 90-in 90-out deal, TIA
  2. Hi,   I'm going to travel around Europe then go back to Germany. I have an up-to-date residence permit but my visa in the passport is already expired. So I only have a German ID card. Will I be allowed entry back into Germany?
  3. Hi Everyone,   I'm an expat living and working in Germany since 3 years with bluecard. I've recently completed my 33 months in Germany & wanted to start my Permanent residence visa process. I didn't have Leben in Deutschland certificate. I finally managed to get an exam appointment in neighboring city. Long story short, I gave the exam almost 2 weeks ago & now awaiting the results.   My question is considering that my leben in deutschland result document is on the way, can I go ahead and submit my application at Ausslanderamt so that they kickstart the process and once I've the leben in deutschland document, I can submit that as well?     For the application process, do I need to fix an in person appointment at ABH? If so, how can I procure this appointment considering that they don't tend to you if you go to ABH office unless you've an appointment. They're not picking up the calls - lots of people have been complaining about it.     The reason I'm asking this question here is because Ausslanderamt in Aachen is completely non responsive over the phone (They don't pickup), they respond via emails to certain questions but in my experience, for every email I've sent I get the respond almost 10-12 days later.    Another question is if someone applied for PR in Aachen or in general, over the last couple of months during & after the lockdown, how long did it take for you to get your PR card?  
  4. Hi,   In October 2020, I signed a rental contract. Unfortunately, I, along with landlord, missed an address typo in the rental agreement. The address should have been building number '5'. Instead, in the contract, it is building number '5A'.   Luckily, while doing the Anmeldung (filling the forms, etc.) I provided the correct address-i.e., building number '5'. So there is no issue with any other legal documents such as insurance, tax, etc.   Today I realized this mistake while going through the contract.   However, now I am in the middle of a dependent visa (family reunion visa) for my spouse. And just realized that I have submitted this contract with the incorrect address for the visa application.   Now I am worried if the visa authority will raise any issue regarding this address mismatch (Anmeldung vs. rental contact). And if they do, then will I have to submit a "fixed" copy of my rental contract. And should there be any procedure to "fix" the signed contract.   So I wanted to ask, Is there any legal way to fix this typo/mistake in the rental contract? Something like "affidavit of correction" along with a copy of the rental agreement I can send to the German consulate beforehand and mention the mistake in advance?   Thanks!