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  1. Hello everyone ,   I need to know if i am eligible to apply for the permanent residency in Germany.   I came in Oct 2014 and graduated in Dec 2017. After that i started working since sep 2018 having blue card at the time, for some reason i get laid off by my employer and have to look for a new job, which i found within two months and i started working again in Jan 2019. I have to move to new state for this Job and i did not get my blue card back and Immigration office told me to apply for a new one at new place. For new Job i get Aufenthaltstitel 18 ABS which is valid till May 2020. So now i have paid my tax for 21 months and completed my B1 language test too, am i eligible to apply for niederlassungerlaubnis or what else i should know to apply for it ? I also have paid social security for 6 months as a student.   I know 21 month rule applies to one which holds the blue card but what should i consider in my case as i had it for 9 months and after that it was 18 abs for rest year.    Thanks in advance    Best regards
  2. On my Aufenthaltstitel it says "Erwerbstätigkeit gestattet".  I know that means I have full labor access, but I was wondering what this means for working for other countries in the EU. Can I work for a company in Ireland or France, for example on a remote basis? 
  3. Hi Everyone,   I'm an expat living and working in Germany since 3 years with bluecard. I've recently completed my 33 months in Germany & wanted to start my Permanent residence visa process. I didn't have Leben in Deutschland certificate. I finally managed to get an exam appointment in neighboring city. Long story short, I gave the exam almost 2 weeks ago & now awaiting the results.   My question is considering that my leben in deutschland result document is on the way, can I go ahead and submit my application at Ausslanderamt so that they kickstart the process and once I've the leben in deutschland document, I can submit that as well?     For the application process, do I need to fix an in person appointment at ABH? If so, how can I procure this appointment considering that they don't tend to you if you go to ABH office unless you've an appointment. They're not picking up the calls - lots of people have been complaining about it.     The reason I'm asking this question here is because Ausslanderamt in Aachen is completely non responsive over the phone (They don't pickup), they respond via emails to certain questions but in my experience, for every email I've sent I get the respond almost 10-12 days later.    Another question is if someone applied for PR in Aachen or in general, over the last couple of months during & after the lockdown, how long did it take for you to get your PR card?  
  4. I have been in Germany for 18 months on a work permit (not blue card). The situation at work has been getting tense due to COVID and I want to know what happens if I am fired or if I decided to take on another job (if at all possible). I am a non EU national, and here's the text on my Aufenhaltstitel:   Beschäftigung als [job title] bei [company] in  [city] gestattet (Par. 39 AufenthG, 4 BeschV). Die Zustimmung gilt nicht für eine Beschäftigung im Rahmen der Arbeitnehmerüberlassung. Weitere Erwerbstätigkeit nicht gestattet.   Can anyone offer advice on this? thanks!
  5. I am a non-EU worker in highly skilled category in Germany on a work permit with SS18 will complete 2 years with my employer this month. My job was not affected by COVID-19, however the COVID-19 situation has impacted my mental health and wellbeing to the point that I have had to see multiple therapists over the last couple of months. I want to take a couple of months' break (unpaid) and go back to my home country to spend time with my family. What can I propose to my employer in this situation? How do I make this happen? I have a German resident permit that expires in Sep 2021. Taking a two month cost-neutral extension in my contract would have to be reflected in the extension of the residence permit also. Thank you all in advance for reading this.  Will doing so suspend my work permit too? Are there no special considerations due to covid?
  6. Change employment Visa to Parent Visa

    Hi all!   I have been living and working in Germany for the past 4 years now on an employment visa that was extended in February to the end of 2021. Anyway, I moved here originally to be with my German Fiancé and we are now expecting a baby in some months! As my child will be a German citizen, I would like to change my visa from an employment visa to a family visa. Normally I would want to wait until my current visa is nearing expiry, but as this visa is time dependent, I am ineligible for elterngeld during parental leave. As I understand it, a family visa is not time-dependent, and it would allow me to qualify for this money. My question is therefore, is it possible to change a visa before expiry? Has anyone had any experience with this before? Any help is much appreciated!
  7. So i have applied for the student visa, but my studies are over. I had to apply for the student visa for some reason. Now my studies are over and my application has already been processed at the behorde since 2 weeks back and i will be getting the visa in the next 2 weeks or so. But i need to convert this into a job visa as my student visa will only be valid till the end of this semester which is only 1 and a half month. Like i said i had to apply for the student visa for some reason which i dont want to bore you with right now.    Is there any way i can ask behorde to not issue me this student visa instead directly convert this into the job search visa so my 2 weeks arent wasted. Normally i wouldnt be concerned about this but my housing contract expires in almost a month so this would be a bit of a problem.
  8. Hello All,   I am American, and will be returning to Bonn to look for employment. I will be receiving an Aufenthaltserlaubnis zur Arbeitsplatzsuche für Fachkräfte that will last 6 months.   Does anyone know of a health insurance plan that the Ausländerbehörde accepts for this type of work search permit? I inquired, but they do not give this information.   Thank you very much!   Kind regards,   Andrew 
  9. I have submitted my documents to get citizenship last August in Berlin. I still have not received it, although they said all my documents are ok. I sent them an email after 10 months. They said it will take atleast another 12 months. I though about hiring a lawyer to speed up the process. Do you guys think it will help? Has anyone done this through a lawyer give me some input?
  10. Moin Moin Toytowners,   I have a Niederlassungserlaubnis under §18b (Settlement permit for graduates of German university) which was issues last year in the month of January.    Now, as I checked the lawbook of Aufenthaltsgesetz, I discovered that they have revised it and §18b is now something completely different.    My question: Do I need to contact my ABH and ask if my Niederlassungserlaubnis is still valid? (my card explicitly mentions "§18b") As of now, my residence permit card says 18b, which is certainly wrong as per the newly revised lawbook.   What I am trying to ask is, perhaps, if I am still a valid Niederlassungserlaubnis holder or not. I cannot find any law that is equivalent to the old §18b anymore.   Regards,  H. Bee
  11. Hello,   I have friends with a particular situation which I want to enquire about:   While in Germany on a Schengen Visa for humanitarian reasons, is somebody able to work remotely for their home company (in India) ??   I have friends from India. The couple are married, Indian citizens. The husband is currently living and working in Germany with a valid working visa. The wife had remained in India. Due to a medical situation, they have gone though the process of obtaining a Schengen Visa for humanitarian reasons, for the wife to be able to join the husband in Germany for a short time. They have gone though the process, and the Schengen Visa for humanitarian reason has now been issued.   Now the question comes up, from the Indian company that the wife is employed by, regarding whether it is legal for the wife to continue to work remotely for the Indian company, during the 2 or 3 months that she will be in Germany on the Schengen Visa. Does the Schengen Visa for humanitarian reasons allow her to work remotely for her Indian company, while she is in Germany? Does anybody know this?   I have suggested that they should contact the Indian embassy in Germany for an answer to this question, but wondered if anybody here knows the answer to this question, or could provide any hint?   Thanks
  12. Hello All, I am in a difficult situation now. I hope someone here can guide me or give a clear information on what to do. I traveled from India to Germany as part of 18 months deputation I got from my Indian company. Now I am in my 8th month of deputation. I got a job offer from a German company which seems ideal for me. I got the contract letter from the company and I shared the same with the Ausländerbehörde (Immigration office) here. They verified my contract letter and told me that there is no problem in switching to the new job and they even told me that they will start processing the blue card as well. But I didn't got any appointment for the same.   I put resignation in my current company and my company insisting me to go back to India for serving the notice period. My kid is only 1 month old and I need to apply for her passport since I didn't got her birth certificate yet. My wife came as my dependent and she got the residence permit card as well which got an open work permit. My work permit is tied to my Indian employer. So my concern is can I travel to India with the residence permit I have with me. What if the company cancels my work permit by the time I go to India for serving the notice period?. How much time it will take to switch the visa to my new employer. I am in a tough situation now. Any advice or information will be a great relief for me. Thank you all.
  13. Hello everybody, I've heard some people said that renewal freelance visa, you need to bring invoices and freelance contracts with you. Most of my clients are individuals, so far, I only have the invoice with them. (I thought I don't need the contract because they are not business)    My questions are: 1) Does it affect my freelance visa extension if I only have invoices with my clients? 1) Should I start to ask my future client (private customer) to sign a contract with me or only with invoices is ok for my freelance visa extension? 2) Does the contract need to write from them?    If anyone has this experience, I'm glad to hear that. Thank you!
  14. Hi everyone,   A friend of mine is planning to come to Germany for work, and she's getting a part-time work contract from a German company. As she's in India at the moment, she'll be applying for a work visa from there (when the covid situation improves, of course). Will she get a work visa (not EU Blue card) with a part-time work contract? Has anyone experienced this? Is there a rule about only 40 hours contract, or a certain minimum income level for a normal work visa?   Thanks in advance.
  15. Hello all   Can an entry stamp on a Canadian passport be considered as part of the 5-year pre-requisite for the EU long-term residence permit?    Here's a little more info: I arrived in Germany on the 1st of June, 2015. On arrival, I got a simple entry stamp with the date (here's a generic sample online My first Visa was as a student (for 1.5 years), then got a freelancer visa (for 2 years), then got a Spec. Professional Blue Card visa (for 1.5 years). It's going to be 5 years in a few days since my first entry (stamp) and I would like to apply for the EU long-term residence permit.   Looking forward to your answers! 
  16. Hi all,   I'm applying for a blue card, and I've read that my spouse can join me and start working immediately. I am not sure how the process for my spouse goes.    Does he need to apply for a family reunification visa in my home country? If yes, would it be possible to apply together on the same day ?     Or maybe he will come with me, apply for residence permit in Germany?    Please help me, especially those that have been through this before.
  17. Dear Toytown So I submitted my documents to have my employer updated and my visa renewed in early December. My visa was going to expire at the end of February They Auslanderbehorde Berlin said it would be ready before christmas. That date came and went. I waited and I started to asked for information in Late January and got no responses. I was able to get a termin in March but that got cancelled due to the virus.   I have now been sending these people emails every 3 weeks. They answered once asking for my name even though it was in the signature at the bottom. After that I have not received any responses and I have continued to try to get any information from them.   I reached out to a well regarded lawyer who basically said she was too busy to take my case.   I really need the visa renewed and most importantly I need to be able to leave the country.   Im not really sure what else to do as all efforts have failed. Does anyone know a lawyer or someone else who can put pressure on these people to get an answer.   In a related question I am hoping in August to apply for the permanent residency but since I was unemployed for about a year during the blue card period and I need to have 22 months of contributions to the rentnerversicherung I would have to back pay some money but no one seems to know exactly how much I owe. I tried to reach out to the german pension fund and even tried to get an acquaintance who works there to ask but no one seems to know who to even ask.   I really appreciate everyone's help.   thanks