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  1. we have been in this village and our new property for nearly 3 month and my eyes have been opened. We got past the old owner walking in the house, via a locked gate and through the garden. We are even learning how to handle local handwerkers or rather the lack of them. we know that we are being discussed at the dorfhaus and that we have angered the village by closing their pub. We angered some people even more by taking a "stray" dog to the tierheim. In fact the dog wasn´t a stray. She sat outside our house all day and all evening. It was cold so at night we bought her in, fed her and then walked her to as many houses that we could to find her owner. We missed the house down the unlit dirt track.  We also pinned notices everywhere.  Next day we took her to the tierheim. She was lovely and our dogs got on really well with her. We found out that she had a chip but wasn´t registered. Later that day we found out that she had been reunited with her owner. We weren´t told who. A few days later angry woman accosted my husband, having a go at him for making her go all the way to the tierheim to collect her dog and now she had to pay €24 to register her. We should have left dog apparently.  The woman lived the house down the unlit dirt track ! Much gritting of teeth and holding our tongues !!!!!!!!  Then we are told that we would be expected to attend the functions at the Dorfhaus and any events held in the field.  We´ve been warned about these. Women sit one side, men the other. Husband and wife do not mix. no argument. In fact I am fairly sure     women tend to walk 3 paces behind their husbands here. Certainly Fathers do fun things with their sons but girls stay at home. Local tradesmen soon worked out that by not coming out to us on arranged appointments, didn´t make us resort to begging them to come. We just looked further afield. 3 strikes and your out policy works.  On his last chance a new roofer came out to look at the chimneys. This is where we got the run down about this property. The old owner refused to do repairs. When his asbestos roof broke, he wouldn´t repair it so the customers stopped coming. In fact it was a minor repair on 2 chimneys that caused 2 of the bedrooms to be totally wrecked. All the old owner did for many years was keep putting more and more layers of wallpaper on to cover up the damage. Stripping the walls and removing the plaster has been easy. One yank and the whole lot came off. The roofer also understands that if handwerkers come out and do the jobs, then we COULD open the pub quicker. We only said we could. We have not said that we would. Hoping that,  that little gem of information was going to spread as fast as whats on our washing line, we sat back happier.   The next day, in the evening, the dogs start going mental. Barking, running around and generally worried.   Had someone got into the garden again? we replaced the gate with a high fence! We rushed to the back door to find...……..HALF THE PIGGIN VILLAGE STOOD IN NEXT DOORS GARDEN. They must have sold tickets ! There they all were gawping at our back door!!!!!!