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  1. Reverse Charge Supply VAT and Brexit

    I currently work as an IT freelancer based in Germany. My primary client is a UK company who I have been invoicing with under VAT reverse charge supply for the last 8 months or so. From what I have read - even if there is a no-deal Brexit - this would still apply. However, I wondered if anyone could confirm that.   Cheers  
  2. VAT return from Amazon

    I'm sure if this is the right sub-forum, but I have a few questions regarding VAT return from Amazon.   I very recently bought a pretty expensive camera, and a few other things from Amazon, and I'm moving back to my home country very soon. Amazon has a help page on this topic, and I tried to talk to their representatives, but I still have a few questions left that someone who has gone through this might be able to answer.   1. Where should I look for the border customs office? I've never noticed where it is in the airport. 2. Do I need to bring the items in the original (sometimes bulky) packaging? Should it be in my carry on luggage, or can it be in the checked luggage? 3. Do I need to bring any documents or forms other than the invoice from Amazon?    
  3. Hey folks, I'm with a US Agency working with Germany-based talent in the advertising space. In our negotiations with those partners, they've requested that we suspend our normal policy of charging a commission on gross earnings (which we apply to all our partners elsewhere), and instead adopt a policy of commissions on revenue made after VAT is dedicated.   I'm unsure as to whether this is SOP or an unreasonable request - can anyone help me better understand if this is normal in our segment? Beyond that, what sort of VAT rates should we expect, keeping in mind this is advertising?  Thanks!
  4. Krankenkasse, VAT and Anmeldung

    Hi all,  I am an EU citizen and had my first anmeldung here 5 years ago, without a job. After a help from the jobcenter (which paid for me the German insurance, to which I never registered), I started to work as a remote freelancer with my VAT registered here. I have always moved back and forth from Germany to my country (not staying here longer than 6 months) thus keeping the insurance in my hometown.  After all this time, I've been told by a friend that as long as I have an anmeldung, I have to pay the German krankenkasse, no matter if I worked for a German company from abroad and was here no longer than 6 months each time. Is it true? I asked my insurance to provide me the module E104 to prove that I was with them this whole time, but my question is: is my situation illegal? Can they track me and make me pay all these 5 years? Is the module E 104 enough to avoid this?  Thank you in advance
  5. Trying to fill the annual 2019 Umsatzsteurerklaerung using Elster and PMs post, since I didn't have to pay any thing for 2018, (due to all UK clients), I was requested no to do the monthly filing for 2019 (monthly Umsatzsteurvoranmeldung). Now I have filled up the form with all my incoming and outgoings and have to pay around 10 EUR to FA.   Moving onto my question, given the above details, what should be my input for Besteuerung der Entgelte, line num 22, page 1 in Hauptvordruck (screenshot attached).   Moreover do I have to submit my bills (both incoming and outgoing) with the FA whiling filing the annual Umsatzsteuererklaerung please?   BTW, what the last day to fill the Umsatzsteurerklaerung for 2019 please?
  6. Hi everyone, I know that this topic has been already discussed but I can't find the right forum where I will have a precise answer to my question. I was a Kleinerunternehmer last year and I wasn't sure how much I was going to earn this year so my Steuerberater suggested me to switch to VAT and ask my clients for the VAT in my invoices. This only because I don't want to be in the situation of having to pay umsatzsteuer and einkommenstauer in January 2018 without being prepared.  FIRST QUESTION: I haven't earned more that 17500 yet (neither 8000) so I am going to pay the VAT even if I didn't exceed these limits. My tax consultant also told me that in case I won't earn more than 8500 I will pay VAT (monthly) but not Einkommensteuer at the end of the year. Is this correct? SECOND QUESTION: In any case I already wrote to the Finanzamt that I want to start paying VAT this year and I requested my Elster certificate so that I can independently do my monthly declaration. Unfortunately the elster online is the worst website in the history and its software it's even worse. I am clueless, what should my next step be? Should I first wait for another kind of number/code that represent that I am a VAT payer? How can I start with the monthly declaration? I got my certificate just yesterday and I still need to declare January, for which I will declare 0 but I want to insert the invoice from my tax manager so that I won't have to pay the VAT for it. Can anyone be so kind to explain me the next steps I need to take? Is it better to go with the website or software? If I select Umstatzsteuererklärung in the Formulare section of the website, it asks me to do it by year, not monthly and the latest year I can choose it 2015! I looked at the wiki guide but I can't understand what my first step should be, the Mantelbogen? Do I find it in my personal page on elster online? Any help will be greatly appreciated!! Thank you so much for your time helping me!! Giulia
  7. I'm a UK citizen. I've been in Germany for the last two years, working as a sole trader in my small craft-based business. The business was registered for VAT here in Germany, it never was in the UK as the turnover is well below the threshold there. I've been working as an "A1" worker - paying German VAT and tax, but staying in the UK social system.   So, we leave Germany in a few days and I close my business here.   1) I believe I have to de register my business, but I'm not sure how or with whom. 2) How long do I have to keep copies of my German accounts after leaving the country? 3) How do I de register for VAT? I will not be VAT registered back in the UK. 4) I've been told I have to still repost my accounts to Germany for three months after my return to the UK. Is this true?   Thanks in advance for any advice offered.