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  1. Hello everyone.   It is time to fill DE quarterly VAT return. As Amazon DE seller, I do not know how to fill Amazon collect VAT in Elster(Amazon has collected VAT for DE tax, I do not need to pay for it). Could someone tell me which one I should fill in?    
  2. Hi, I have a full-time job and do freelance, writing text for e-commerce shops using Fiveer as main platform to sell my services. The sale happens on the platform, and I get paid by Fiveer, which hold a %. 1. Should I register as Freiberufler? 2. How should I declare this income? 3. Do I have to invoice clients? Even though I get paid through the platform? 4. What about VAT? Thanks!
  3. Hello, I am running an UG (sole proprietor) and opted-in "Kleinunternehmer". Last 3 years there was no activities with sales didn't exceed 5K€/year. This year, I was expecting in sales (Online cloud services) less than 50K, and I didn't charge my clients VAT according to § 19 UStG. However, upcoming months, unexpectedly, I might exceed 50K by 5-10K. My questions: - I know that I will lose the "Kleinunternehmer" status and I am aware that I will add VAT to the invoices. But how to deal with the old invoices? I can't contact old clients or reissue the invoices with VAT. Will I still be questioned about the previously issues invoices? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks in advance. Side note: - I also work as a full-time employee and my employer aware of my other activities without conflict.
  4. An apparently impossible VAT question

    I was drawn out of retirement at the beginning of this year. A programme of work that I could not ignore.   I took on a Tax adviser, someone recommended on this site, but we have made little progress. The issue is that, quite rightly, he says that I must charge VAT to this single client.   My problem is that it is not possible to charge VAT because the client is exempt as an IGO and that this is a global treaty to which Germany was a founding party. The client has no mechanism to pay any taxes, anywhere.    Tax adviser thinks that I have to apply for an exemption but there are no exemptions for suppliers. My argument is that the German tax authorities have to have a mechanism for dealing with such situations, why can the adviser not talk to them to find out what it is? I cannot be the only person working as a contractor for the WHO, and the answer must exist.    Does anyone have any experience of this sort of situation. I'd rather not get another adviser but it might be necessary.    
  5. Hello everyone,   I have been living in Germany for some time and started my own business a few months ago. In order to get things right, I am now dealing with the correct declaration of my revenue for the purposes of the "Umsatzsteuererklärung" and "EÜR". Sorry for the long post, but thanks to everyone for reading!   I work for a few platforms as an independent contractor and have some websites with Google AdSense and Amazon revenue (I have now understood the regulations for this after some research).However, I still have problems understanding how to deal with the money I earned from the independent contractor work.   In particular, this concerns two platforms for which I work as an independent contractor. One of them is based in the USA, the other in the UK. However, most of the jobs I work on are for companies from Germany, and only the payment goes through the platforms. Both of them send me the earned money via Paypal ( Dollars and Pounds) without any further invoice. The US platform states the following in its policies: "Income earned from ….. is subject to your country and local taxes. When you signed on to the ….., you entered an independent contractor agreement. That means income from ……. should be treated per the independent contractor regulations of your local tax law. …… withholds no taxes and, as a US entity, is not subject to VAT."   and the UK platform states: "You would need to collate your own records of income via the site, and you are responsible for considering whether you need to report it to your tax office, according to the tax rules in your own country."   I am now not exactly sure how to classify this income in the "Umsatzsteuererklärung" and the EÜR. Is this taxable or non-taxable revenue for the "Umsatzsteuer"? For the sake of simplicity, I have been advised to simply declare everything as revenue at the normal tax rate and act like this is "normal" German revenue, is that correct?
  6. I'm a UK citizen. I've been in Germany for the last two years, working as a sole trader in my small craft-based business. The business was registered for VAT here in Germany, it never was in the UK as the turnover is well below the threshold there. I've been working as an "A1" worker - paying German VAT and tax, but staying in the UK social system.   So, we leave Germany in a few days and I close my business here.   1) I believe I have to de register my business, but I'm not sure how or with whom. 2) How long do I have to keep copies of my German accounts after leaving the country? 3) How do I de register for VAT? I will not be VAT registered back in the UK. 4) I've been told I have to still repost my accounts to Germany for three months after my return to the UK. Is this true?   Thanks in advance for any advice offered.