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  1. Sorry for yet another import VAT question!  I am interested in purchasing a watch from a store in the USA.  It is on sale for $90 but the retail price is $175.   Here in Germany the same watch sells for €175 ($196).  If I purchase this watch will I pay the 19% VAT on $90 or $175, or €175?  Will there be additional duties?   Thanks for your input folks.  This stuff is confusing for me.
  2. Do I have to pay taxes from the VAT I charge?

    Hello,   I am hoping someone can help with my question. Do I have to pay taxes from the VAT I charge and pay to the Finanzamt every 3 months? Because I was told to add it as an income in my yearly Gewinn calculation.   Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi all,   I am a freelance illustrator and am looking for someone to kindly validate whether my understanding of invoicing clients is correct given my particular situation. Before I start, I want to say a big thank you to everyone here on Toytown - most of the knowledge I've pieced together has come from excellent posts on this site.   Background: Since my income will be below the 17,500 Euro limit, I have opted as a kleinunternehmer not to charge VAT. As an illustrator I will mainly be working with foreign clients (businesses and also private customers). I have applied for and received my Steuernummer. I have also applied for a USt-ID to facilitate working with international clients. Just for maximum clarity, I am living in and working from Germany, and providing clients with digital files containing my illustrations. My main clients will be publications such as magazines.   ---   The following is my understanding of how I should invoice businesses and private customers in Germany and abroad as a Kleinunternehmer.   In addition to the general required information for an invoice, on all invoices I plan to:   a ) Use my USt-ID instead of my Steuernummer   b ) Never charge VAT, under any circumstance   I realize that I generally need to provide a reason for not charging VAT. Here is how I plan to do that in various scenarios:   1) If my client is German (both businesses and private customers), German VAT would generally be due (for both B2B and B2C), so on my invoice I will:   - state "Gemäß § 19 UStG wird keine Umsatzsteuer berechnet"   - not charge VAT   2) If my client is a business located elsewhere in the EU (ex: in the UK), this is a B2B situation and the supply of services is taxed at the business' place of establishment. Therefore the recipient is responsible for accounting for VAT according to the "reverse charge" procedure. On my invoice I will:   - state "VAT reverse-charged: tax liability of the recipient of the services"   - state the USt-ID of the client   - not charge VAT   - In this situation, there is no need to mention the line "Gemäß § 19 UStG wird keine Umsatzsteuer berechnet" on the invoice, as I am not charging VAT for the previous reason   3) If my client is a non-EU business (ex: in the US), the place of supply is at the business' place of establishment. The place of supply is thus outside the EU and no VAT is due. I will:    - not charge VAT    - NOT mention "Gemäß § 19 UStG wird keine Umsatzsteuer berechnet" (nor the reverse-charge procedure) on the invoice. I do not need to state a reason for not charging VAT in this case.   4) If my client is an EU or non-EU customer (private person), this is a B2C service taxed at the supplier's (my) place of establishment. Therefore German VAT would generally be due. However, as a kleinunternehmer I am exempt from paying it. On the invoice I must:   - state: "According to § 19 UStG no VAT is charged"   - not charge VAT   ---   I believe I have pieced most of it together correctly, but I would greatly appreciate feedback. Thank you in advance to anyone who can comment on whether a), b), and 1) - 4) are correct.
  4. I'm a UK citizen. I've been in Germany for the last two years, working as a sole trader in my small craft-based business. The business was registered for VAT here in Germany, it never was in the UK as the turnover is well below the threshold there. I've been working as an "A1" worker - paying German VAT and tax, but staying in the UK social system.   So, we leave Germany in a few days and I close my business here.   1) I believe I have to de register my business, but I'm not sure how or with whom. 2) How long do I have to keep copies of my German accounts after leaving the country? 3) How do I de register for VAT? I will not be VAT registered back in the UK. 4) I've been told I have to still repost my accounts to Germany for three months after my return to the UK. Is this true?   Thanks in advance for any advice offered.
  5. VAT on Online Teaching

    Hi guys - looking for help on an issue that no one has been able to answer satisfactorily for me so far. I have spoken to a few accountants and they all give contradictory advice. I am VAT-registered.    I teach online as a self-employed language teacher. 95% of my work comes through a Chinese platform called iTalki. Students around the world book my lessons through that platform. The student pays iTalki. iTalki then pays me twice a month. There is no invoice, they just send the money to my bank account when I choose to withdraw my earnings.   My question is: if I receive (example) €100 from iTalki for lessons in a month, should I be giving €15,97 (the 19%) to the German FZMT?    As far as I can see, the customer is iTalki and as they are based outside the EU, it is zero-rated for VAT, and I keep all €100.    Any help with this would be GREATLY appreciated!
  6. Hello,   First of all sorry if this has been covered, I couldn't find any recent topics about this - only old tutorials for a previous version of Elster from 2011 - but feel free to just send me back to another topic if I've missed it for 2019.   I just registered as a freelance (Feriberufler) in Berlin, and chose to register for VAT. I will soon have to do my first monthly VAT declaration on Elster, but unfortunately I cannot find a tutorial on how to do this on the current version of ELSTER. I also found old tutorials about how to do the yearly declaration, but I really need to know about the monthly one first.   In the Elster forms for VAT, one is called 'Sondervorauszahlung (monatlich)' - cf. attached screenshot - but I am not sure this is the right place to go and don't want to make any mistakes filling in the wrong form.   Also once I chose the right form, is there a tutorial on how to fill in each part of the monthly VAT declaration form?   Many thanks for your help! :)
  7. VAT Report (Umsatzsteuervoranmeldung)

    Hello Everyone! Anyone here that understands VAT Report (Umsatzsteuervoranmeldung) Is there anyone here that could give me some support? I just have my VAT since the end of August, I need to do the reports since March 2017, mostly just to say ZERO (0) or with international customers from Switzerland and England. This year in September was the first time I actually had a German customer which I added VAT to the invoice. I want to know if someone can help me with ELSTER. I really am going to make a PDF with beautiful design to distribute for FREE with step by step for other foreigners in the same situation later on can you help me?
  8. Freiberufler VAT number

    Hi, I recently registered as a freelancer in Germany. I got a number from the Finanzamt that looks like xxx/yyy/zzzz. I thought this was my VAT number but it's not. It's my steuernummer.   1. Does this mean I still need to register for a VAT number? 2. For example, I bought yesterday a microchip board at and they asked me for my VAT number. I gave them xxx/yyy/zzzz - they haven't complained yet. What should I give companies asking me for my VAT number? 3. I have a client in Spain, I assume I don't need to charge them VAT but do I need to do anything special like register somewhere or write something on the invoice, or nothing extra is needed?   Thanks,   Paulo
  9. Hi everyone, I know that this topic has been already discussed but I can't find the right forum where I will have a precise answer to my question. I was a Kleinerunternehmer last year and I wasn't sure how much I was going to earn this year so my Steuerberater suggested me to switch to VAT and ask my clients for the VAT in my invoices. This only because I don't want to be in the situation of having to pay umsatzsteuer and einkommenstauer in January 2018 without being prepared.  FIRST QUESTION: I haven't earned more that 17500 yet (neither 8000) so I am going to pay the VAT even if I didn't exceed these limits. My tax consultant also told me that in case I won't earn more than 8500 I will pay VAT (monthly) but not Einkommensteuer at the end of the year. Is this correct? SECOND QUESTION: In any case I already wrote to the Finanzamt that I want to start paying VAT this year and I requested my Elster certificate so that I can independently do my monthly declaration. Unfortunately the elster online is the worst website in the history and its software it's even worse. I am clueless, what should my next step be? Should I first wait for another kind of number/code that represent that I am a VAT payer? How can I start with the monthly declaration? I got my certificate just yesterday and I still need to declare January, for which I will declare 0 but I want to insert the invoice from my tax manager so that I won't have to pay the VAT for it. Can anyone be so kind to explain me the next steps I need to take? Is it better to go with the website or software? If I select Umstatzsteuererklärung in the Formulare section of the website, it asks me to do it by year, not monthly and the latest year I can choose it 2015! I looked at the wiki guide but I can't understand what my first step should be, the Mantelbogen? Do I find it in my personal page on elster online? Any help will be greatly appreciated!! Thank you so much for your time helping me!! Giulia
  10. Hi all,   I am currently a Kleinunternehmer providing a service and all of my clients are located outside of the EU since I started my business (specifically US, Australia and New Zealand). Last year (2018) I earned less than 17.500€. This year I will earn more than that (exact amount to be determined, here's to hoping!). I work remotely (usually 50% of the year at home in Germany and 50% while traveling outside the EU), and I setup the tech of digital marketing for my clients, things like creating websites, sales funnels, setting up eCommerce shops and setting up email marketing (i.e. not the creative stuff like ads or copywriting).   I understand I don't technically have to give up my Kleinunternehmer status until the year after I earn 50.000€, but I am trying to clarify the details of what counts as a private person and what counts as a business.   I mostly work for entrepreneurs, at most they have 2-3 people on their team. However, they all have their own companies. What do I need to ask from my clients or what information should I have ready for the Finanzamt (or my own records) to determine whether they are private people or businesses? I'm a bit confused where I stand as my clients are individual people (not big companies), but are usually registered under names besides their own (or something like "Client Name Writing & Training"). Do they count as businesses then? If so, is there certain info I need to ask from them to prove this?   It's my understanding this difference between private person and business is very important once I pass the income threshold for a Kleinunternehmer as it determines whether I need to charge the VAT or not.   ---   On that note, can anyone here recommend a Steuerberater who is able to do a Beratung virtually? I am outside Germany until mid-April and travel about half the year, but would love to have a session with someone just to talk things through and make sure I am setting myself up right to avoid any messes down the line. I speak fluent German but it would be nice to do it in English so that I 100% understand every little detail (tax German is towards the edge of my C1 level), but if that is not possible German is fine. I've hired a couple accountants in Berlin before, but caught big financial mistakes their team made on my taxes from both of them so would love to hear tried and true recommendations of people used to working with expats who have non-EU clients.   Thank you!
  11. Umsatzsteuer declaration help

    hi all   I am hoping for your help I do monthly umsatzsteuervoranmeldungen, which is quite easy, as tax adviser did once then I followed same way   but now came a time to do the yearly one here I need to enter how much revenue I had last year ,  according 13b the VAT should be payed by UK company from their side, according the UK 20 % VAT rate as an example 10 000 euro income , where should I enter it ? the Elster form recuires  both left and right sides to be filled    
  12. Hi, I want to buy electronic components for 3000 € home from US and I would like to figure out how much I have to pay before I have it.   Electronic components: 3000 € Shipping from US to Ger: 150 € VAT [19 %] = 570 € [3000 * 0,19] Customs? Other?   Im stuck from there