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  1. Navigating visas for US citizen

    Hi- I recently returned to Germany (worked in Berlin a few years ago, now retired) for a 2 month stay. I am a US citizen. I flew into Frankfurt but went to a Belgium for a month and then back to Germany until my 90 days were up. Of course no one stamped my passport while I crossed the Germany-Belgium border. After passport control checked my visa on the way out, he asked if I knew about the allowance where a US. citizen leaves Germany before the 90 days is up (he said to Denmark) and comes back, then the 90 day countdown is restarted. I have heard of this, but can’t find confirmation on the internet. I am also wondering how I would be sure to get my passport stamped? The reason I am interested in this is I am spending time with an eighty year old friend who needs some minor assistance around the house and is planning cataract surgery, and I would rather not be locked into the 90-in 90-out deal, TIA