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  1. This has mostly been flowing beneath the surface, and generally isn't covered by the MSM but there is a small but growing (?) movement of Black, BAME and POC people coming out as supporters of Trump. Kyane West is the best known example. Anyways thanks to Piers Morgan, Candace Owens latest video has gone massively viral logging up millions of views. I watched her video (technically live stream) to sum up her main points.    The first thing is some Black people rejecting the Marxist/Lenist narrative of the left, often lumped in with "socialism" and Globalism. Populism at it's core. This view is best typified by black UK rapper Zuby, who also happens to be a Christian (which explains some of his views) If you're on twitter his feed is quite good, he's very articulate.    Here's a typical example (sorry preview not loading) loads more examples of this can be found.   Secondly, and this is the part that upsets most people, is she accuses the black community of ignoring black on black crime. Candace Owens and people on the far right really love to hammer this point home. The simple reality is black people per capita commit vastly more crimes than white people. Typically you'll see comments like 50 people got murdered in 1 weekend in one city and nobody cares. It's almost like police brutality isn't an issue. In her video below she spends a ton of time talk about how bad George Floyd was, as if he got what he deserved. Although she don't put it quite that way.   Which brings me to the 3rd point. Racism;  it seems that most of the black Trump supporters are big belivers in "pulling yourselves up by the bootstraps". But it's like they ignore the effects of racism  particularly systemic racism. I posted a great article to FB by Ben Thomspson, Dust in the LIght, if your interested. test.   Here's the tweet that started it all (don't know why tweets aren't loading). Piers Morgan being Piers, she's stupid end of story.   Finally her 18 minute rant on FB, she is very articulate, which is probably why it got so many views   Here is her video.