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  1. Does anyone have experience or advice on how to go about getting permission to rebuild, repair renovate the similar business, buildings and services (Bavaria)?   We have taken over a small site that was an old flower nursery with old Glasshouses. Not used for over 20 years.  We want to rebuild the Glasshouses, workhouse and land.  Our aim is to develop an organic centre, with indoor and outdoor grown fruit and veg for our CSA community and local delivery.  Also if possible to build a Yurt Kitchen for summer workshops. cooking and preserving events or onsite Market stall.   The property suffered the last 20 years of neglect and requires major hard work. Not a big deal with able-bodies ecopreneur.   Ground needs cleaning, new fencing, glasshouse repair or rebuild and all the utilities need connecting. The problem is that the foundations and structures are not repairable and may need a complete rebuild.     At the moment (April 2019) the site is unsecured, dangerous with broken glass and a eyesore.   We are wondering how to go about rebuilding and business operations permits.