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  1. Vaccinations Brandenburg

    No, not another general covid thread! I look on the Brandenburg and Landkreis official info. sites now and then in the hope of seeing some progress. What's there doesn't seem to have changed from early January. (Still doing the first tier, waiting for new supplies, don't even try for an appointment if you're not 80+ etc.) According to the online Impfrechner, OH, 70s cohort, may get it in April, me, 60s, predicted not until August. (Based on current supplies, uptake etc.) I was at the doc's yesterday and he said I know as much as he does! As it seems to vary from state to state (I heard Berlin was making as start on the 70s) I thought it may be useful if you Brandenburgers hear an update, or actually get the jab. Would also be useful to know if one is sent an invite to book a jab, or whether you just have to keep trying when one's cohort comes up.  Good health to all!