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  1. I started my Elternzeit (12months)right after the birth of my baby. My wife is not working so we both are on Elternzeit. We want to spend most  of our Elternzeit outside of Germany. So for this reason i asked my landlord if i can have another tenant during this period but he has refused to do so. So i have only 2 options left 1- pay the rent without living here or 2-cancel the contract and spend the Elternzeit wherever i want but then I have questions about Elterngeld and Kindergeld. I want to keep my health insurance here all the time and I will be paying for this by myself. As we will loose our address for this time what will happen to these. Any suggestion/tips/guidance are welcome.   P.S. We are European Nationals and want to spend the Elternzeit in Non-EU countries.   Thanks in Advance.