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  1. Anybody know what internet service provider in Neuss that is good and value for money ? I am using unity media for few years.. the speed was excellence , but every now and then the internet break down and sometime have to wait until the following working week to be tended.. so , basically, whole weekend no internet, but at least the service is acceptable. But lately, thing changed. Unity media was bought over by vodafone.. and the phone technical report service is totally not acceptable.. kicking soccer ball between vodafone and unity media.. no human being at the other end of the technical report hotline.. and it just cut you off after sometime .. I have called over 10 times during thursday till friday.. not even a single human being pickup the phone and give a reply.. all machine.. and NOTHING was arranged to fix the line. So, no internet from thursday till sunday.. maybe if lucky they might arrange someone to sort things out.. else, will have to wait longer.. sucks. I am determined to leave the company.. Hence wanted to know if any other service is available. Fiber glass internet is not an option here.