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  1. I wanted to quit my flat before the end notice (End April). I made an appointment with a new lady tenant that reconk she would renovate and bring own kitchen by March. The Admon said I needed to remove the floor and that the flat must be painted before and the lady change her mind and was ready to move until april without floor removing. Floor removing was new to me. As I received the flat It was painted in all colors and I bought the kitchen and other furniture from the old tenant and agreed to renovate. I was furious about the floor but I remove it and paint and take everything out. Still in february I put an ad and screen 20 possible next tenants, there were only two with the admon requirements (No WG, no students, no Pets, no Arbeitlos, no more than 3 person, good income and fix job, must bring kitchen and new floor) I sent the applications to the admon and hope for a positive answer. The next tenant B had an appoinment with the admon. The admon said the two of them didnt comply with the requeriment to stay longer than 2 years. As I called again tenant B he told me he has not problem with that and aditionally the Admon had not presented him my flat at all but another flat saying that my flat was on a very bad condition. Later I discovered that indeed the floor was belognig to the flat and I would not need to take it out. When I confronted the landlord about not considering my flat for the tenant that I Look for and introduce to him, he said he has independiently presented and it was not me who presented him. Next time he said that it was the tenant who didnt want to, was not about the 2 years staying and additionally it was not his decision but the landlord. So he make a quick contract to tenant B to another empty flat and I have to continue on the flat March and Aprill Aditionally the Administrator said that the flat walls must be better painted and that the quality was not good and etc. This situation of unfairness really damage my psyque and I went to the doctor to have an certificate just in case. I took the quarentine to improve my painting and finish other things whiles working and living on an empty flat, sleeping in the floor no refrigerator and washing cloths by hand. I wonder if I had a case against the administrator for asking me to remove a floor that I didnt have to take out, (got a injury by the way), rejecting a perfect tenant claiming that it was the tenant (the tenant told me that the landlord wanted to introduce a kitchen on the flat and was not interested at all on renting my flat at the moment and that he was never presented with my flat). I would gladly apreciate your knowledge and advice.