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  1. Okay so I have been working for years in Frankfurt am Main but I have been trying to get to Berlin for the last couple years. I finally realized that I was not going to be able to find work in Berlin while still living in Frankfurt. It is simply too difficult and expensive to keep traveling up to Berlin for interviews. So I found an apartment in Berlin and quit my job in Frankfurt and moved here.   I have found a temp agency here that has lots of work and assures me that they can find me something quite quickly but they told me that they normally deal with people who are registered unemployed. My problem is that I cannot seem to find which office I am supposed to go to register as unemployed. Can anyone advise me? I am living in an apartment near Prinzenstraße U-bahn station.   Just to avoid all the unnecessary replies I will get, I am already fully aware that signing on in Berlin can take a long time. I also know what I need to bring with me to the unemployment office. All I need to know is which office I need to go to start the process. Also, I really do not need people's opinions about signing on in Germany. I am just looking for the office location. I am sorry if this makes me sound rude or abrupt, I have just found in the past that when you ask something on Toytown, you get fifty replies from people that have little or nothing to do with what you actually asked.   Anyone know which office I need to go to?
  2. Hi, I am a non-EU citizen with a German work permit and residence permit for 3 years based on a full time work contract with a tech company in Berlin. My company has suggested that, should I wish to, I may take a 6 month unpaid leave during the corona virus crisis. My question is, how will this affect my health insurance? I won't have money to pay rent or groceries, will I be eligible for any help from the government during these 6 months? I am half way through the contract and I have paid into the German social security system for 1.5 years consistently now. I have public health insurance.
  3. Dear all,    I looked into the forum, but I could not find the information for myself, it would be great if you could advise me on this, and if you have some experiences, it would be great.    I am getting ALG-1 since December 2019, and now there is an opportunity for a freelance job, which is 18 hours per week. This job is for 4-5 months.    My questions are,    1. I am aware that I have to pay all my contributions if I take the freelance job since it is more than 15 hours. There is no chance for me.  But what will happen to my ALG-1 for the rest of 9 months?   2. When I'll inform the arbeitsagentur, should I terminate my ALG-1 or inform them about my freelance activity? I could not find any online link about the pause ALG-1. It would be great if someone knew it.    3. Should I apply ALG-1 again in three months apply, or how does it work afterward?   Many thanks in advance,   
  4. Help to fill out the form ALG1

    Dear All, I like to fill this ALG1 forms as I have lost my job, can anyone direct me to this, I searched a lot if i can get a version in English or someone helping it out to fill, but so far, didn't find anything that can explain or help in English. I am hesitant to fill out something that might end up making a trouble     Thank you in advance.
  5. EU Blue Card - Unemployment

    My boss has insulted me publicly in the job (no one is willing to testify in my favor and risk their own job with him though). He also has terminated my job contract on false grounds. He now asks me to continue to work for him until the end of notice period which is several months. However I can’t work for him psychologically anymore because I can’t work for someone who insults me all the time and terminates my job contract on false grounds. He must apologize me and promise to provide a safe work environment for me without bullying before I can go back to work for him. Then I can work for him. But he surely doesn’t promise anything and even doesn’t talk to me. Instead he just tells me to come back to work knowing I will not do so and hence he can terminate me even sooner (he actually doesn’t need me anymore and that was the real reason for my dismissal at first place as he himself initially told me). But I don’t want to go back to work in this situation. Something must be done. I know Agentur für Arbeit will impose a Sperrzeit against me in this situation. But what I can do in this situation? What the anti-violence measures in workspace in Germany can do for me? My "dream" is to not go to work during the Sperrzeit and also receive my full unemployment benefit. Then I can surely forgive being dismissed on false grounds (which I can easily prove is grounded on false reasons by going to Arbeitsgericht for example but I don’t want to do so because I "love" to be dismissed). The thing is that I just don’t want to work for a devil person such as my boss anymore. But there are worse things he can do to me too. He did ask me to give out his contact info on my job resume in the past which I did so before sending my job application to new employers. Now I am sure he will say very bad things about me to those new prospective employers if being contacted by them. Sadly as much as I want to believe either no one will probably contact him or that he must not legally say bad things about me, but I know they most probably will contact him and then he surely will revenge on me badly by saying bad things about me because everyone knows he is a full maniac person which will surely do these very very happily.   So I may never be able to find another job in Germany on top of this too. What should I do in this situation?   I have worked for 15 months for him already. I am a foreigner who has an EU Blue card in Germany.  
  6. EU Blue Card - Unemployment

    Hello, I am a non EU citizen who holds an EU Blue Card in Germany. After 8 months I want to voluntarily resign from my job and actually I have to do this because my boss insults me at job and I really can’t take this anymore with him. Why he does it? Apparently because he really have no more usage for me and wants to force me out! I also am very unwilling to sue anyone in Germany, so I don’t want to report him to anyone ever because in 99.999% of times it never works and I have no time for it too. It doesn’t matter who is right or wrong, I just want to get out. My time is more worthy. There are several options for me to get out: 1) Signing an “Aufhebungsvertrag”. I have to tell you my boss in this case is willing to sign for my immediate departure. So I can get out quickly. But in this case what will happen regarding unemployment benefit? I have heard if I do this, for the first 3 months after I become jobless, I receive no unemployment benefit but in the 4th month I receive the normal unemployment benefit which will be 60% of my net monthly income and this will continue for the next 4 months afterwards (since I have worked for 8 months in total). But am I correct about all these assumptions? Also in this case, what will happen regarding the Ausländerbehörde? Normally anyone after becoming jobless with an EU Blue Card, has time to look for a new job for 3 months. However if he can get more than 3 months unemployment benefit with his EU Blue Card, this 3 months’ limit will increase accordingly. In my case I will have 4 months unemployment benefit but if I sign an “Aufhebungsvertrag”, I receive nothing until the 4th month of unemployment. So it seems “Aufhebungsvertrag” can also affect my limitation for staying in Germany and reduce it from 4 months in my case to the normal 3 months. But are all of these correct? 2) Another solution is to simply stop going to work! But what will happen in this case? I want to know the exact consequences in this case in regard to both unemployment benefit as well as the EU Blue Card. Thank you very much for your answers in advance.