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  1. Hi all,   Long-time lurker, first-time poster.  I searched for answers on this topic but did not manage to find any, so if there are questions like this on the site already, a link would be appreciated.   I am a non-EU citizen with an EU Blue Card and have lived in Berlin for a few years now.  I was recently terminated for business reasons from my last position and am currently unemployed.  I have to wait until September to start getting ALG1 from the German government but at least the paperwork is done.  Here are my questions:   I am mostly applying to positions outside of Germany as I am looking for a change of scenery.  In fact, I have applied to 10x more positions outside of Germany than in Berlin.  My hope is to get a job in another country, but I want to keep my German unemployment benefits until I find a job and move (I do not intend to keep receiving unemployment benefits in the new country).  Should I be upfront with the agents at the unemployment offices and tell them that I am interested in working outside of Germany, or will that somehow hurt my situation or standing with them in future meetings? If I am successful in getting a job abroad, I will need a few months to close contracts, sell things, and move to the new country (this could also apply to people living in Germany that find a new job but want a few months off before starting work and negotiate a later start date with their new employers). I would like to continue to receive German unemployment benefits during the time between jobs while I would still be in Germany.  Does anyone have experience with telling the agents that you have found a job but that it won't start for a few months?  Were you able to continue to get unemployment benefits during the wait time between jobs?  Or is it better to wait and just tell them that you found the job a few weeks before you intend to start (though I guess the contract will be dated a few months prior to notifying them)?   Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!    
  2. Hello Fellow Toytowners,    I am in a bit of a pickle here.   My employment contract is getting over by this month end. It was a limited contract of 3 years (a contract with a university for the position of a research associate).   I have been applying for jobs since July'19, but didn't hit any luck as of now. So, in case if I do not find any job as per my plan A, then my current plan B is to visit my home country in September '19; stay for a month; return back to BRD and search for a new job. I am totally burnt out for the moment with my research and PhD work. Completely toasted. So I really need a month to unwind.   Now, recently as I have been looking here and there for information regarding Agentur für Arbeit and boi I am in stress. The information that I have gathered so far is as follows: (a) one must register 3 months prior to last working date, (b) one is legally obligated to do so, (c) proactive registration helps with ALG-I.    I have my savings and I do not really wish to receive ALG-I. I can sustain without receiving doles. So, what should I do now? I really want to go home for a month, and I do not have any energy to fight bureaucracy anymore.  I can register now. But, I want to go home, return back, and then look for a new job. Will that work? Or will I get a beating from them? I have a Niederlassungserlaubnis. Will they snatch that away from me, if I register now and then look for jobs once I return back from home?   I am really confused, and I have been searching all over the internet for some clue. I would really appreciate some help from my fellow TTers.    Happy Weekend!    Regards,  H. Bee
  3. Difficulties getting the U1 form

    Hi everyone,   After five years of employment, my German employer terminated my employment contract at the end of June. As a result, I moved back to my home country, France, to take up a 2-week job that's now finished. My goal is to start my own company here. As far as I understand, I can transfer my periods of work required to qualify for unemployment benefits to France. I sent a PD U1 request form to the Agentur für Arbeit by registered post shortly before the end of my German contract. After not hearing back from them, I sent another registered letter, then an email, but it's been over a month, but I still haven't received the PD U1 form or any response from them. When I try to call them, they tell me that they can't give me any specific information for security reasons.   I think that they started processing my case, because three weeks ago, my former employer told me that the Agentur für Arbeit asked them for a Arbeitsbescheinigung, but I don't know whether there is some issue with my request (I don't think so - my case should be very straightforward) or why is it taking so long. The situation is becoming somewhat serious: the delay is blocking me. I would lose quite a lot of financial support if I start my new business before my unemployment claim is accepted by the French authorities, and I need the PD U1 form for that.   Can you advise me how to proceed? How long does it usually take to get the PD U1 form? Would it help if I go to the Agentur für Arbeit in person? I'd rather avoid that, because it would cost me a lot of time and money (I now live far from my former place of employment)   Thanks!   Paul
  4. Hi all!   I am looking for advice or recommendation for a good tax counselor/adviser who speaks English to sort out a situation. I am willing to pay for professional advisement.   Here's the situation: I'm currently unemployed and receiving unemployment benefit (ALG I). I am married and mine and my wife's tax class are III/V, respectively. We chose this because I was the only one employed and thus this netted us a higher monthly wage from my gross salary. My ALG I was calculated based on this tax bracket.   My wife has never worked in Germany and has never received any sort of unemployment benefit. However, she seems to have found a job and will probably sign a contract soon. If this works out, then she will be earning the higher salary, ca. twice than my unemployment benefit. So we figure that her staying in class V will deduct too much from her monthly salary.   We would like to change her to III and me to V, or even to IV/IV without factor, but I'm not sure how this would affect my unemployment benefit.  
  5. Hey everyone, After working for 2 years in Germany I am moving to Denmark to find work there. My contract ends at the end of the year and I am moving immediately to Denmark right after. I have seen the required steps to get it done but there is one issue that I don't understand should work: I was told that I am required to first get unemployment benefit for a month in Germany and only then I will be able to transfer it to Denmark. I don't want to stay and work here anymore. Will they force me to take any job during that first 4 weeks in Germany? If I refuse those offers, will they deny my benefits because of that? Is it possible to skip this requirement at all? This is the only issue I see when wanting to apply for the unemployment benefit transfer and would appreciate any help!  
  6. Hi all,     I might have a kind of similar situation to other cases however I couldn’t clarify some of my questions by reading all relevant topics in this great mine of information forum.   I am a Blue Card holder and been working in Germany for 1 year and 7 months with a 2 year contract in IT field. Last week for some business reasons I was dismissed from my job and notified that my contract is terminated by the end of November. (as per my contract stated) At the moment I have started to look for a new job and I strongly believe that I could find one in a few months. My 3 questions start at this point.       - Should I notify ABH as soon as possible or should I wait until the end of November? And my 3 months period starts from December accordingly, correct?     - Should I apply for the unemployment benefits? As far as I know, once you apply it takes a couple of months to start receiving money. What happens if I find a job meanwhile. And if I benefit from this aid, does it increase my future Arbeitslosengeld contributions?     - Even if I find a job soon I am planning to give a break and sign a contract as it starts from the beginning of 2018. In this regard, am I obligated to pay statutory health insurance for December myself? (I was paying it also for my wife since she is unemployed)       Thanks for your answers in advance and have a great day!