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  1. Hi all, I am a non-EU citizen and I have been in Germany for almost 4 years of which I was working for 3.5 years. Form this time I was working 6 months without a blue card (i had a work permit as I had a dependant visa) and the rest of it with a blue card. 3 months ago I decide to change my job and I was supposed to start in the new company 1st of July but the company that I moving to is Wirecard and now they are bankrupt. And on the first day they give the notice for 2 weeks so I will be soon out of job. Also due to the coronavirus situation and the busy offices in the KVR, I could not apply for the permanent residence but I have filled in the online form one month ago. One more point, my wife also works in Wirecard and so both of us will be out of job.   1. Now I know that I have to report to the AuslanderBehorder that I am jobless, but does anybody know how much time will I be given to find another job?   2. And also I know that I am eligible for unemployment benefits for one year, so does it makes a difference on how long I can stay to find a job?   Thanks.
  2. Hello,   I've worked as an English language marketer for a German company for 14 years and it looks like my division is about to close down. We've been on kurzarbeit since the crisis began.   I know that normally I would be entitled to five months notice because I've worked there so long. Does this still apply if a whole section of the business has to close?  Does it mean they pay you out, or does it mean you have to keep sitting there for five months, even if there's nothing to do? What if the company can't pay it?   My second question is about unemployment benefits. Are they calculated based on my usual salary, or on my kurzarbeit salary, or over a whole year (so the kurzarbeit period will bring down the average).   Thanks in advance.   RGordon
  3. Hi all, I've looked for this info, but I've found quite old posts.   I'm currently on garden leave and have worked in Berlin for over 1 year in a company. I'm eligible to receive the unemployment benefits when the garden leave ends. I am interested in working as a freelancer until I have found a new job, mind you to work 16-20 hours/week.   My questions: if I work during this garden leave, I need to activate me as a freelancer, guess it's Kleingewerbe (<17,5k yearly gross), and I will move to class 6. To estimate therefore the net income, can I just sum all the gross incomes and apply class 6, or is there any different calculation to be made? when the garden leave ends, I can go on freelancing while receiving the unemployment benefits. Is that correct, and what is the impact on the unemployment benefits in terms of eligibility and deduction? e.g. if I overcame the 17k, I lose them, and what is the taxation applied to freelancing works?   thanks in advance!  
  4. Difficulties getting the U1 form

    Hi everyone,   After five years of employment, my German employer terminated my employment contract at the end of June. As a result, I moved back to my home country, France, to take up a 2-week job that's now finished. My goal is to start my own company here. As far as I understand, I can transfer my periods of work required to qualify for unemployment benefits to France. I sent a PD U1 request form to the Agentur für Arbeit by registered post shortly before the end of my German contract. After not hearing back from them, I sent another registered letter, then an email, but it's been over a month, but I still haven't received the PD U1 form or any response from them. When I try to call them, they tell me that they can't give me any specific information for security reasons.   I think that they started processing my case, because three weeks ago, my former employer told me that the Agentur für Arbeit asked them for a Arbeitsbescheinigung, but I don't know whether there is some issue with my request (I don't think so - my case should be very straightforward) or why is it taking so long. The situation is becoming somewhat serious: the delay is blocking me. I would lose quite a lot of financial support if I start my new business before my unemployment claim is accepted by the French authorities, and I need the PD U1 form for that.   Can you advise me how to proceed? How long does it usually take to get the PD U1 form? Would it help if I go to the Agentur für Arbeit in person? I'd rather avoid that, because it would cost me a lot of time and money (I now live far from my former place of employment)   Thanks!   Paul
  5. I'm a non-EU citizen (American) and Blue card holder. I lost my job last September during probation, and I have been working in Germany in total for 13 months. I already informed the Auslandebehorde about my job loss. Until very recently, I didn't know that I was eligible for ALG 1, as I had always thought if I apply for any kind of unemployment assistance (ALG1/2) I would lose my residence visa. I've already spoken to a lawyer about my legality to stay in Germany and I was assured that isn't a problem. I know that the Agentur für Arbeit requires one to inform them within 3 days of any job loss. Does anyone know what would happen if I were to go to them now,  6 months after job loss? Am I simply ineligible for any benefits or would I get into any other trouble? This is in Berlin.
  6. Hi, I am a non-EU citizen with a German work permit and residence permit for 3 years based on a full time work contract with a tech company in Berlin. My company has suggested that, should I wish to, I may take a 6 month unpaid leave during the corona virus crisis. My question is, how will this affect my health insurance? I won't have money to pay rent or groceries, will I be eligible for any help from the government during these 6 months? I am half way through the contract and I have paid into the German social security system for 1.5 years consistently now. I have public health insurance.