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    Sorry to return to this painful subject but I am nearly there ! (thanks sincerely to all those who have helped in the past !)    So here goes...    My UK base employer  understands that any National Insurance contributions made in the UK should now go to the GKV (my A1 states I am subject to German Social Services until 31/12/21) - more specifically TKV - so they have no issue with paying the contributions they would have paid for me in the UK -  Obviously this does not cover the full amount due but we have come to an arrangement whereby they have increased my salary to accommodate the increased social service bill - so far so good !      If anyone here has experience of TK they may know that they provide a help to UK firms with the provision of a form that allows my to pay the amounts myself to the TK rather than the employer (it actually saves them paying out for specialist firms to work out what is due etc) and also has the added bonus that they work out the amounts due.   So in my mind it is simply a case of getting the National Insurance contributions (employer and employee) included as a credit on my monthly salary ...Has anyone else ever dealt with this ?? - As it appears whilst my UK employer is happy to do do this - their Payroll provider in the UK so do not have a clue or understand how to do this ??? - HMRC are fully aware that I resident in Germany - and have my documentation it is merely the UK payroll that do not understand it !!