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  1. I am an English/Deutsch dual national living in Germany and am planning a short trip (4 days) to England with my wife, a German national, next week. We are both 3x covid-vaccinated and will both travel using German passports to avoid getting split up at the airport. We are flying with Lufthansa who have just sent me a confusing email, full of no longer valid links to RKI pages etc. and the following (without any links):   If you click on the link below that notice which reads "Verifizierten Schnelltest kaufen" you are sent to a page for booking a test at the airport, not for selftest-kits.   So what do we actually need to re-enter Germany after four days away? I have been told that the self-tests from the chemist are accepted. Lufthansa have been most unhelpful in answering our questions.
  2. Hi, My wife had an appointment in Ausgut with the immigration office in frankfurt and was offered the resident permit. We were told that it would take upto 12 weeks for the card to be provided. We were also given Vorläufige Bescheinigung über einen bewilligten Aufenthaltstitel and Fiktionsbescheinigung. Fiktionsbescheinigung is valid till 30th Nov and Vorläufige Bescheinigung über einen bewilligten Aufenthaltstitel is valid till 20th Feb 2023.  I have 2 questions. 1.Can my wife continue to work on Vorläufige Bescheinigung über einen bewilligten Aufenthaltstitel? 2.We are planning to travel outside of Germany (to india) in december and come back in January. Can we travel? will there be any issues.?   Please let us know if you have some information.    
  3. Dijon Mustard taste set

    Hello, a bit of a random question,   Normally I travel through France by car and used to stop at some service station with local products from Burgundy / Dijon region. There there are some  "taste set" with several small bottles of  different flavored mustard (a l'ancienne / honig / original).   I couldn't stop there this year and I can't seem to find it either on amazon or with random searches.   by some random chance, does anyone know what I am talking  about? and if yes where could I get it ?   Thanks