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  1. Will there be a problem if I bring a car from non EU country to Germany or other EU country for a long time ? for example 6 - 24 months ?
  2. UK to Germany travel

    Hi all, I know there is another recent post for travel from Germany to UK but this is about travel from UK to Germany.  Has anyone travelled for personal reasons such as visiting spouse or for very essential reasons (i.e: funeral or weddings)? will the border police control ask for any documents etc?   Thank you.
  3. I am a British citizen and since 2017 also a German citizen. I live in Germany haven't visited the UK since December 2019. My mother is in a care home with Alzheimers and my brother and sister visit her regularly now that visits are allowed and keep me informed of her situation. I have had my first vaccination and would like to visit her now that things are starting to return to some sort of normality, my second vaccination is due at the beginning of June. What restrictions would be in place if I visited after my second vaccination?
  4. Hi. My friend who was in a High risk area recently (because of her profession) is coming back to Hamburg next week, but has no place to stay. As the hotels are not working and airbnb hosts are not allowing her to stay, she is finding it difficult to travel back. She used to live in Hamburg before going to this place but gave away her place then. Now apparently she has to fill the information of the place of stay in some form before she can travel back.. Unfortunately I am in other city far from her and can't help. Is there some options I am missing, where she can rent an apartment (at such short notice) for just a week? She is a Polish citizen but has worked in Germany since long. We would really appreciate the help.   Thanks and best regards
  5. Hi, Has anyone been to the UK in the last few weeks. I have to go because of an emergency. It seems that you have to book 2 covid tests upfront (for day 2 and 8) and provide a reference number. I am returning to Germany before Day  before day 8, and also the UK.GOV website offer a list ok providers but the first few links are broken.   Anyone had any experience recently.   Matt