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  1. Travel with pet from NYC

    My daughter is looking for flights from NYC to Germany (preferably an airport not to far up in the North) taking her dog with her. It seems difficult however, to find an airline allowing him in the hold (weighing 36 kg including transport box) and the quote she got for sending him as cargo was more than US$ 2000.- . The transport box weighs 20 kg so she could reduce the combined weight to 26 kg by using a plastic one. Any recommendations? Is there a website like skyscanner that allows you to search for (preferably cheap) flights with pets in the hold? It´s bothersome having to ask each airline separately for their rules as it seems to take a few days to get an answer.
  2. Motion Sickness Medications

    Air travel makes my wife very, very ill.  In the past, she has used Dramamine to get through flights.  It helps, but it leaves her a mess for a few days. Before we left the USA for Germany, her doctor gave her a prescription for Scopolamine Patches (  It was very expensive, but completely worth it.  Using the patch, for the first time in her life, she got through a flight (well, the 3 flights it took to get to Germany!) without getting sick, and was functional the days after.  The patch lasts 3 days, and has changed her travel life.    We're taking a flight to India in a few weeks, and she only has 1 patch left.  Does anyone know if this is available in Germany?  Are there any scopalomine-based anti-nausea medications available here?  She hasn't spoken to her doctor yet, so I thought I'd try here first.   Thanks for any info,   katzekuchen
  3. Hello All,   I signed up for a monthly/yearly travel card with the BVG. It costs me 60 euros a month and I want to cancel it now (I no longer need it) I can not find out how to do this online so i wonder if anyone can help.   I believe that i must write to them and then it takes 6 weeks? is this right?