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  1. Hi there,   I've only ever used "walk-in" companies for translating documents aeons ago.    This time around, I don't just need a document translated, but I need it beglaubigt / certified translated english-german. Preferably in NRW.   Anyway, after a scour of the internet, I found out that most of the companies / persons offering this are online only.   Either their physical addresses are Regus-style rent-per-day office spaces, or their contact telephone numbers listed in their web pages go straight to voicemail (no ring tones - ever).   Shockingly, a sample of 8 or so translators I checked didn't even secure their document upload facility with basic https / padlock.   Now since I'm a little wary of sending off personal documents over the public internet or via email, I just wanted to check, is this normal?   I'd rather use a walk-in office, but the likes of Berlitz etc... no longer do translations, and I doubt they did them beglaubigt anyway.   Does anyone have any tips / thoughts on how to find reputable, secure beglaubigte uebersetzung translators that won't pass your details on to numerous e.g. rich Princes in Nigeria?    I'm a little sceptical of this whole online approach. No https??? Well, I never... What next? Dial up modems?