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  1. Hey all, my company is putting on an event next week - (we have 50 plus folks attending so far!). I'll be speaking as well as one of my colleagues, and we're looking to hire a translator (from English to German) for it. It would be several hours, in the morning through early afternoon.   Does anyone know a good service for this? Any recommendations welcome, thanks!
  2. Good day,   I have spent the morning looking through TT, hoping this topic has been handled before and found nothing related to my question.   I am planning on visiting South Africa next year for two weeks. My aufenthaltstitel will be valid until 2021 so that is not a problem. My question is which documentation do I need to carry with me and do I need to translate it? Or will other countries accept my residence permit card without question?   I guess I am just scared they don't let me leave South Africa  That would be a nightmare!   Any experience with regards to traveling back to birth countries would be greatly appreciated.   Thank you
  3. I've been contacted by someone looking for a translator from English to German for an autobiography of around 20,000 words to be self-published. She says the language is relatively straightforward. Quotes should reflect the fact that she is financing the project herself. The book should be finished this month some time so the translation would likely be needed in January or February.   PM me for direct contact details. And please, no time-wasters - you should either be a native speaker or enquiring on behalf of one, and preferably have some experience of translating large-scale projects.