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  1. I moved to Berlin in search for a job   ( I have some basic knowledge of the German language). As an English speaker, and an  origin from Africa , getting a  job has proven to be a very difficult task.     I have a B.Sc. in Microbiology/Medical laboratory technology from Cameroon and an M.Sc. in Environmental protection and Agricultural food production with experienced in Environmental Microbiology in stuttgart, Germany.    I think Germans often times doubt the credibility of the laboratory skills of foreigners.( I might be wrong but it seems like based on my observations). I  thought of taking a further laboratory training program or course in Germany to increase my chances of being employed in Europe in my area of expertise.   On this note, I wish to ask members of this forum if anyone could suggest to me if any, some training Institutes where I could possibly get some further laboratory training.( preferable one that I can possibly do in English)   Would be happy to get your feedbacks. Thanks
  2. Business English Trainer

    Modolingo International Language Center is a modern language institution offering highly professional and individually tailored language training services in all living languages, in Germany, the neighbouring countries, and online worldwide.   We specialise in industry, company and department specific bespoke language training courses. In line with our philosophy, our language trainers are native speakers of the languages taught, are educated to degree level and have relevant business experience and acumen. They provide engaging and fun training in line with the MODOLINGO method, which means focusing on reality-based situational business language skills and communication-based training to quickly and significantly increase the business competence and confidence of the learner in the target language. Spoken language is central to our training, as competent active production of spoken language is critical to international business success.   We're currently seeking native speakers of English to support language training for our company clients in Leverkusen. Experience of teaching English on a freelance basis is necessary, and business experience outside of teaching is advantageous. NB successful candidates will already live in the area Leverkusen (Quettingen).   Interested? Please apply including a CV and covering letter for the attention of Mr Peter Walker to
  3. Moving sale. Please pick up in Pasing